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Destiny 2 Titan guide: Subclasses, skill trees, and more

Become a frontline tank in space.
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Titans are the vanguards of Destiny, as they are frontline defenders and tanks.

The Titan's class ability is Barrier, and it allows them to place down a wall of light to defend teammates or objectives. Towering Barricade is a large square barrier that blocks off a big area, while Rally Barricade is a waist-high wall that can be crouched behind. Taking cover behind the smaller wall instantly reloads your weapons.

Barrier has a great usage in both PvE and PvP, as it can be a necessity for capturing objectives or protecting teammates from fire while trying to resurrect them. The wall can be broken once it takes enough damage, though.

Void subclass: Sentinel

Titan's newest subclass in Destiny 2, Sentinel can do a lot of different things, and it can do them well. Sentinel Shield is the subclass's super and it summons a shield of Void light. The shield can be used to attack, block, or be thrown.

The first skill tree for Sentinel, Code of the Protector, is focused on supporting allies. With this tree, melee kills restore health for the Titan and its nearby allies, and the Overshield it gains from getting those kills will last longer and increase melee damage and reload speed.

With Code of the Protector, holding down the super button will create a Ward of Dawn bubble to protect you and your allies. This super ability is a lot like the Ward of Dawn super from the Defender Titan subclass in the first Destiny.

Code of the Aggressor trades in the support class abilities for a more offensive approach. The Titan gets a Shield Bash ability that is triggered after sprinting for a short period of time, and the attack disorients enemies when it connects. Grenade kills with this skill tree also immediately recharge your grenade energy, so it's theoretically possible to continuously chain grenades together. Kills while surrounded by enemies also reduce the cooldown of their super, and this skill tree also grants a second Shield Throw charge while Sentinel Shield is active.

Arc subclass: Striker

Striker is another returning subclass from Destiny, but it is quite different this time around. For starters, the Fists of Havoc super ability is now a roaming super. Activating it will send the Titan slamming into the ground with Arc energy, dealing devastating damage in the immediate area. But the super doesn't end there, as the Titan continues to pulse with Arc energy as they get a speed boost and can run around punching the ground or meleeing enemies for easy kills.

Code of the Earthshaker is the first skill tree for Striker, and it's quite versatile. Damaging enemies with the Striker's Shoulder Charge-like Seismic Strike ability will recharge their grenade, and they also gain a second grenade charge. For Fists of Havoc, the ground slam attack will leave a damage-dealing field in its wake.

Code of the Juggernaut focuses more on the Titan's punching, as melee kills will immediately trigger health regeneration. Critically wounding an enemy or breaking their shields will increase the Titan's melee range and damage, and striking an enemy with the Frontal Assault melee ability will reload your weapon and increase its stability.

Solar subclass: Sunbreaker

Sunbreaker is back from Destiny, and it has seen a solid rework to make it a strong subclass once again.

The Sunbreaker's Super is Hammer of Sol, which summons a flaming hammer that can be thrown multiple times at enemies. Hammer of Sol is a roaming Super, so it is versatile in its usage, allowing Titans to move around the map and deal destruction in a wide range.

The first skill tree is Code of the Fire-Forged, and it is all about damage-dealing. With this tree, Sunbreakers gain Hammer Strike, which is a melee ability that is unlocked a short time after sprinting. Any Solar ability kill with this skill tree will grant you and nearby allies movement and reload speed bonuses, and that comes in handy when paired with its other two abilities, which makes Hammer of Sol explosive. Enemies killed by Hammer of Sol will explode, and the projectiles themselves also explode on impact.

Sunbreaker's other skill tree is Code of the Siegebreaker, and its best perk is called Sun Warrior, which restores your health with every Solar ability kill. Enemies killed by your melee will explode and set others on fire, as well. For Hammer of Sol, the Super ability will create Sunspots where the hammers strike, and it will burn any enemy who steps foot inside of it. But Sunspots are also buffs for you as well, as you will throw hammers faster when standing in one, as well as recharge your Solar abilities faster and make Hammer of Sol last longer.

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