5 July 2017 - 17:40

Here's a first look at Destiny 2's social space "The Farm"

The Tower is gone, so The Farm is now home.
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Screengrab via IGN/YouTube

With the Tower left destroyed and in ruins after Destiny 2's opening mission, Guardians will need a new place to call home as they further their fight. That place is The Farm, and we have a first glance at what it looks like, thanks to IGN.

In the IGN video, Bungie's Ryan Ebenger walks through the new social space, showing off what it looks like in the beginning stages of the game. Just like in the Tower, there's a Postmaster and a Cryptarch, and ways to entertain yourself while your fireteam members slowly gear themselves up for upcoming battles.

The Farm is where humanity is in exile, and it has the feel of a refugee camp. Ebenger promises that the space will grow and change as the story of Destiny 2 roars on.

"The space will evolve as you go through the Destiny 2 experience," said Ebenger. "You'll see characters come and go, the population will grow, so it's fairly dynamic space as well."

This marks a pretty big change from the Tower, as that social space was fairly stagnant throughout most of Destiny's lifespan. It featured different seasonal events throughout the year, but for the most part, things stayed the same and characters based there never really moved or interacted with you.

The Farm also features a mini hangar, an area where Lord Shaxx's support personnel robots are being rebuilt, chickens, and secrets to discover. These spaces all have the potential to grow and change as the story goes on.

Ebenger said that the Farm will support 26 players at one time in the social space.

Replacing the infamous glowing purple ball is a soccer field that actually has working goals and scoreboards. Guardians will undoubtedly enjoy themselves and earn bragging rights as they find out who the best player is.

Notably absent is the Tower's Cryptarch, Master Rahool. He has been replaced in the Farm by Tyra Karn, who was the Cryptarch at Felwinter Peak in Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion. It's unknown if Rahool survived the Cabal onslaught on the Tower or not.

Destiny 2 launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Sept. 6, followed by a PC release on Oct. 24. An open beta on consoles will begin this month on July 21, but PS4 preorders will gain early access on July 18.

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