3 September 2017 - 20:52

GameStop flyer confirms Silver in-game currency returning for Destiny 2 microtransactions

You will be able to use real world money to buy stuff in the sequel.
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Image via Activision

In what should come as a surprise to no one, Destiny 2 will see the return of the in-game currency of Silver, according to a GameStop flyer.

Silver was Destiny's original main currency for purchasing things like emotes and seasonal boxes that contained a variety of cosmetics, bought through an in-game location called Eververse.

Eververse's logo was spotted on the Farm in Destiny 2's beta, so this news was expected, but now we know what the conversion rate looks like. You can purchase 1100 Silver for $10, or 2300 Silver for $20.

It's unknown what will be available to purchase with Silver, but more things like emotes, Sparrows, and Shaders are likely. So far, nothing like powerful weapons or items were made available to purchase, and Bungie would likely draw a lot of players' ire if this were to happen.

Destiny 2 is just a few days away now, as it's set to launch on Sept. 6 on consoles. The wait for the PC version is a bit longer, though, as that releases on Oct. 24.

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