10 July 2017 - 18:15

Check out Destiny 2's Sentinel Titan and Voidwalker Warlock subclasses in action

One is brand new, one is revamped. Both look awesome.
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Image via Activision

Following the announcement of the brand new Sentinel subclass for Titans in Destiny 2 almost two months ago, fans have been wanting to see its skills in action. Today their wish has been granted, thanks to a new video from IGN.

In the five-plus minute video of Crucible gameplay on the new revamped Control game mode, we get to see the Sentinel showing off most of its abilities, including its awesome Super.

For the Sentinel Shield Super ability, the Titan pulls out a Void shield and uses it to quickly move around the map, meleeing enemies for one-hit kills and throwing it as a projectile. It looks to be a devastating ability in the right hands.

The Sentinel also throws down a barrier shield to lock down an area of the map, and throws a Suppressor grenade that prevents enemies from using their abilities for a short time. As a bonus, the Titan in the video is also using the Sweet Business exotic auto rifle, which works and looks a lot like a gatling or chain gun.

In another video, IGN highlights the Voidwalker Warlock, which is a returning subclass from Destiny—but it has also seen some changes.

The Warlock is seen using the Blink jump ability and a Scatter grenade, so not much has changed there. The main takeaway from this video is the Voidwalker's Super, Nova Bomb, now seems to travel in a much slower fashion and seek out enemies deliberately.

Sentinel and Voidwalker are the second subclasses for both Titan and Warlock in Destiny 2, joining Striker and Dawnblade. These abilities will be playable in the beta, which begins early for PlayStation 4 pre-orders on July 18, and opens to everybody on PS4 and Xbox One on July 21.

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