12 July 2017 - 16:21

Report: Destiny 2 to sell 3 million digital copies on PC in its first 3 months

That's a whole lot of new Guardians.
Image via Activision

One of console gaming's biggest franchises is coming to PC this October, and it could make a big splash in the gaming market.

Destiny 2 is set to release on the PC platform a little over a month after its console counterparts, and sales forecasts are looking strong, according to research group SuperData.

SuperData is projecting that Destiny 2 will sell three million digital units on PC in its first three months, and between four and five million digital units on console and PC combined in its first three months.

Image via SuperData

The franchise is making its first foray into the PC market with the highly-anticipated sequel. The original game and all of its subsequent expansions were only available on consoles, so expanding into a new platform will undoubtedly mean growth for the first-person shooter/RPG hybrid.

SuperData's Forecaster is a program that "provides a quantitative analysis of historical sell-through across 500+ titles, enabling a more accurate estimate of future success for upcoming titles." It weighs numerous factors and runs thousands of simulations to account for uncertainty in future variables.

The Forecaster is new technology, but SuperData thinks that it is something that could come in handy in the future.

“As the buzz around specific titles continues to grow within the digital gaming industry as a whole, the Forecaster offers a unique starting point for those thinking about sales scenarios,” says Sam Barberie, Vice President of Product and Business Development at SuperData Research. “By pairing this with the SuperData Arcade, the digital gaming industry can now have a clearer picture of what drives sales success and how their future releases could gain an advantage.”

Destiny 2's beta is set to launch next week on July 18 for PlayStation 4, but a PC Beta is scheduled for late August. Destiny 2 releases on PC through the Blizzard app on Oct. 24.

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