11 August 2017 - 13:07

Console feedback to be implemented in Destiny 2's PC beta

Bungie was listening, and here are the answers.
Image via Activision

It's been nearly a month since the Destiny 2 beta was played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One— and Bungie has been hard at work on using the feedback they received from the test to further polish the game.

In its weekly blog post, Bungie outlined a number of the changes that have been made to the beta since it ended on consoles. Those will be implemented when the PC beta launches on Aug. 28.

Crucible matchmaking will be tuned separately for Quickplay and Competitive playlists. From now on, Quickplay will have shorter matchmaking times, with less emphasis on skill. The score limit for Control has been extended from 75 to 100, and the trigger for the Mercy rule was also extended—so there should be fewer blowouts.

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For Competitive, the matchmaking will take more time and take skill into account much more. The matchmaking times will probably be longer, but Bungie thinks that the quality of the gameplay will be worth the wait.

The time that it takes to charge your Super ability has been globally reduced across the board, so they will generate much faster now. In the console beta, players would have to perform very well to get even one Super in the a Crucible match.

On the PvE side of things, Bungie has increased grenade damage and the amount of power ammo drops. The developer has decided to stand by their stance that abilities should be "more rare, but worth it," so the damage itself is getting a buff. For ammo drops, Bungie confirmed that Power ammo will always drop from enemies with yellow health bars, and it can be farmed.

Numerous glitches were also fixed, including the infinite Super glitch, the infinite grenade glitch, and the infinite Warlock glide glitch.

All of these changes will be ready for testing on Aug. 28 when the Destiny 2 beta goes live on PC for those who preordered the game. The beta goes open to everyone on Aug. 29.

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