24 July 2017 - 19:28

Destiny 2's Patrol areas will have more story and gameplay than ever

Each destination will have a lot to explore and earn.
Image via Activision

There are no shortage of different kinds of activities in a game like Destiny 2, and today we have a new look at one of them, thanks to IGN.

Outside of story missions, cooperative Strikes, and competitive PvP, Destiny 2 also offers Patrol areas, much like its predecessor. These areas are the destinations you visit throughout the game, only in an open world setting, where you'll be able to explore them and find activities scattered throughout.

In IGN's newest video, Bungie rituals and programming lead Rob Engeln explored one of the new destinations in the game. Called Nessus, it offers quite a few new details about Patrol areas.

Public events, which are activities that pop up periodically throughout the open world map, are returning from the original Destiny. Destiny 2 offers Heroic versions of these events, which are triggered by completing optional objectives and will spawn more enemies or difficult bosses. Completing a Heroic event will earn you bonus rewards.

There are also new activities called Adventures, which are side missions that are fully voiced and help expand the lore of the universe and the specific destination you're at. These will help explain some stories behind places like Nessus, and are another example of how Bungie hope to inject more story into the game.

Lost Sectors are another activity in patrols, which are basically loot caves that have difficult bosses within them, and you will be rewarded with a chest once they're defeated. These are expected to be dungeon-like areas where the reward will be of Nightfall-level, so they will be worth grinding for.

Once the main story is finished, world quests will also open up around the Patrol maps, and they contain multi-part "bite-sized" stories about a destination, further expanding on wherever you may be.

One of the coolest new things to do in Patrol is called a Flashpoint, which is a weekly Patrol destination event. Cayde-6 will offer treasure maps for these events, and once you finish multiple public events in the designated Flashpoint area for that week, you can unlock secret world bosses for great loot.

In general, there's a ton of stuff to do on Patrol in Destiny 2. It's not just about grinding for materials to upgrade your weapons or mindlessly wandering around while waiting for your friends to join you. It seems like the process will be much more rewarding than ever before.

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