7 September 2017 - 19:16

Destiny 2 director explains why Shaders are now limited use consumables

One of the big changes from Destiny 1 has players upset.
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Destiny 2 is out, and the reaction to Bungie's FPS sequel has been mostly positive. A quick scan of social media and sites like Reddit shows that the majority of players are enjoying the game and consider it a marked improvement over the original.

But through all of the praise, there has been one thing that a lot of players are upset about—shaders. That's right, paintjobs. In the original Destiny, shaders were used to fully change the look of your Guardian's armor, with different colors and textures. They were readily available to swap in and out at any time.

Shaders work way differently in Destiny 2. They are now limited use consumables, meaning that a shader can only be used a number of times before they are depleted. Shaders now need to be applied to each specific individual piece of armor as opposed to everything all at once. They can also be equipped on your ship and Legendary weapons.

In a series of tweets this afternoon, Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith explained the thought process behind changing the way shaders work in the sequel.

"Shaders are earned through gameplay: leveling, chests, engrams, vendors," Smith said. "We expect you'll be flush with Shaders as you continue to play. When you reach level 20, Shaders will drop more often: vendor rewards, destination play and endgame activities. Shaders are now an ongoing reward for playing. Customization will inspire gameplay. Each planet has unique armor and Shader rewards. With D2, we want statements like 'I want to run the Raid, Trials, or go back to Titan to get more of its Shader' to be possible."

Smith's explanation makes sense. Hitting level 20 is important, as Destiny 2 opens up in a big way once that happens and once you finish the main campaign. Shaders are just a part of the endgame now.

It remains to be seen if the Destiny community will be happy with Smith's explanation, but it just seems like things are going to be different now and Guardians everywhere will have to adjust.

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