8 July 2017 - 14:27

Destiny 2 will lock your loadout in certain activities to ramp up the difficulty

Choose your weapons wisely.
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If you were concerned about Destiny 2 being too casual or streamlined, have no fear. Some Bungie developers revealed plans to ramp up the game's difficulty in a video by IGN.

Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith told IGN that certain activities will lock your loadout, meaning you won't be able to switch up your weapons in the heat of the battle.

"The difficulty, certainly at the pinnacle level of the game, we've tried to make a much tougher game," Smith said. "If you think of your weapons and items like a golf bag, we want you to look into your golf bag before you start an activity and go, like, 'oh, what should we bring to this?' Because for some of those activities, you're going to be loadout-locked once they start, which means you can't change."

This is a departure from mechanics in the original Destiny, where locking a loadout wasn't a thing. A big part of the game was the freedom to switch up your weapons at any time, depending on the situation you were currently faced with, to better handle the task at hand.

This decision will be controversial to some, and welcome to others. It will undoubtedly please the more hardcore PvE players of Destiny, but others might struggle with the concept or reasoning behind such a decision.

In the same video, Destiny 2 project lead Mark Noseworthy said that the sequel is something that they want to bring more players into the game and "make it easier for people to get into" with ongoing content and a better progression system.

It's unclear what kind of activities will be loadout-locked, but it's definitely an interesting take on how to escalate Destiny's difficulty at an end-game level.

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