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Destiny 2: Leviathan Raid guide

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Once you've finished Destiny 2's campaign, dabbled in Crucible, finished all of the Strikes and grinded your Power level up into the 260s and beyond, it's time to Raid.

The Leviathan Raid is Destiny 2's first true high level end-game activity for a fireteam of six, and it will test your team's chemistry and communication to its very core.

Leviathan is not for the faint of heart. Tackle it only when you're ready.

Getting started

At first, you should probably be at least 270 Power to make things easier on yourself and your team. Anything above that is great, but 270 is a good starting point so you won't feel overwhelmed by a difference in Power.

At the outset of the Raid, you will land at the embankment of Leviathan, at the foot of a large castle. In front of you is a sloping climb with jumpjets and a bunch of enemies. Ignore the enemies, they are simply there to greet you. Move forward until you enter the Castellum.


Your first challenge in Leviathan is opening the door to your first encounter. The Castellum is a large area, so get to know it by looking around first. Eventually you'll find a door that has a platform in front of it with three holes, and a floating hologram. It's your job to find that matching hologram's standard and plant it in the hole.

Make your way to the Standard's corresponding door in the Castellum. The symbol will either be a War Beast, a Chalice, or Blades. You'll know you're at the right door when waves of enemies spawn there, followed by a Standard Bearer with a ton of health. Kill him and the Standard will spawn, allowing you to bring it back to the door you need to open and plan it there.

While half of your team fights for the other two Standards, the other half should be defending the door you need to open, as shielded enemies will be pushing it and trying to retrieve the Standards to reset the entire process and stop you from entering.

When you see a shielded enemy called a Standard Liberator pushing towards the Standard, a shielded Psion called a Councilor will appear. Melee him to kill him and the shield will drop, allowing you to kill the Standard Liberator.

Plant three Standards and the door will open, leading you to your first loot chest. Follow the hallway until you reach the Royal Pools.

Royal Pools

This is Leviathan's first true encounter. In this large room, you will find four pressure plates in each corner, along with one in the middle. On each plate is a Psionic orb that will protect you from the toxic water that you must stand in, for one minute.

Have four team members jump on each plate at once, and enemies will begin to spawn. Basically, you will be cycling back and forth with two team members in the middle to retrieve the Psionic orb in the middle to refresh your timer. Kill the enemies that spawn.

In order for the encounter to proceed, four people must maintain their positions on their platforms at all times. When your Psionic buff is about to expire, trade places with someone in the middle, retrieve a new orb, and return to an empty plate. Repeat this process until you hear a bell ring, and have everyone convene in the middle plate.

You will now see nine purple lanterns in the center room. They must be destroyed. These lanterns can be damaged from the center platform, so have your team huddle there and shoot the lanterns. Meanwhile, powerful enemies will be spawning. Have one or two team members dedicated to using their Supers or Power weapons to take out the enemies while the rest of you shoot the lanterns.

Repeat this process until all lanterns are destroyed, collect your loot, and return to the Castellum. Repeat the Castellum process from above to open a new door, which will lead you to the Pleasure Gardens.

Pleasure Gardens

This encounter is tricky, so prepare for some trial and error. Clear the room of all enemies before climbing on top of the platform underneath a huge golden statue. In front of you will be two prisms. Dedicate two members of your fireteam to holding the prisms. The rest of your team will drop down into the room underneath the statue and pick up large purple pollen balls.

The prism holders will jump to a beam of light in the area to find flowers that are glowing. There should be one flower on each side of the left and right of the room. The prism holder's job is to guide the pollen holders to the flower, gather them around it, and then shoot a beam of light with the prism at the flower. The difficult part is staying undetected as six massive war beasts will be patrolling the area.

With each flower that is destroyed, the pollen holders will get a x12 buff. This buff is for doing damage to the war beasts, so the higher the buff you get, the better. When executed correctly, after learning the patterns of each beast and how to avoid them safely, the beasts will be susceptible to your attacks.

If spotted by a beast, or if you take too long and they grow restless, the beasts will begin a psionic howl. At this point, you must either kill the beasts or hide in the safe room where the pollen balls spawned in the first place.

When you have a high enough buff (X48 or higher should suffice), it's time to split up and start killing the beasts. Each one of them has a specific spot they return to while howling, and they are directly next to each of the flower spawn points. When the howl begins, have each team member find a corresponding beast and start going to town with damage. Use your Supers, use your grenades, use your Power weapons, and just dominate them. If done correctly, the beasts will die all together, and the encounter will be cleared.

Another tactic is to chip away at the beasts' health pools bit by bit if you're unable to reach a high buff number. You can weaken the beasts on one or two rotations and then finish them off when you can. But the psionic howling period gets shorter with each beast that is killed, so it's important to try to kill them all at once.

Once completed, grab your loot and return to the Castellum again to open your next door, into the Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet

This is another tricky puzzle in Leviathan, and it will take a lot of teamwork and coordination to surpass. Begin the encounter by jumping on all four of the platforms in the circular room, and enemies will begin to spawn. When you kill enough of them, two orbs will spawn. Dedicate two members of your team to pick up those orbs, and they will be transported into the track area that surrounds the room you're in.

The orb runners in the tunnel will need to begin running, and they will notice gates with rows of circles in front of them. There will be an orb in one of the nine circles, and one of the circles will be red. The runners will need to call out which vertical row that the red circle is in to their teammates on the outside. Their teammates must then find which gate their teammate is at and shoot at the arrows that do not correspond with what the runner said. For example, if the orb is in the top row, the teammates inside must shoot the middle and bottom arrows.

Once the arrows are shot, the orb runner can proceed, jumping through the hole that contains a new orb. Each runner will need to pass through four gates before they can return to the middle of the room and slam their orbs in the energy fountain in the center of the area.

This process must be completed three times, at which point the entire team will return to the middle to pick up an orb. All six members will then be transported into the track and have to run the Gauntlet. There will be three orbs at each wall, meaning that two groups of three will have to alternate picking up the orbs to maintain a buff to survive. Once the end of the Gauntlet is reached, at least four members must slam the orbs in the center fountain again to complete the encounter.

Return to the Castellum one more time and prepare to fight the big guy himself, Emperor Calus.

Emperor Calus

It's time to split your group of six into two teams of three. After kiling a few waves of enemies, Calus will clap and transport you into a purple-colored dimension. One group of three will stay there, while the other three will grab the orbs in front of them to return to the throne room.

The throne room team will begin to clear enemies, while the purple dimension team will want to look up at the giant projection of Calus's head. On his head will be one of three symbols, but each member inside the dimension will see a different symbol. Call out the symbols that are seen, which will be three of four possible ones. The symbols are a war beast, a chalice, blades, and a sun.

In the throne room, four Councilor Psions will have spawned with the symbols above their heads. Whichever symbol was NOT called out by purple team is the Psion that needs to be melee'd. Calus's projection will then begin to suck the purple team forward, making them have to avoid holes in the floor and Psions that must be killed. Repeat this process four times.

All the while, a ton of enemies will be spawning inside the throne room. That team of three should break up to the left and right with the third member somewhere in the middle, helping each side as they need it.

At this point, Calus's projection in the purple dimension will begin to vomit skulls. It's the purple team's job to shoot as many skulls as possible. The more skulls that are destroyed, the more damage can be done in the upcoming DPS phase of the fight.

While the skulls are being shot in the purple realm, the throne team will see Calus hold his hands over his head and begin to form a blinding light. He will also gain a shield. It's time to destroy his shield, otherwise he will kill everyone and the team will wipe.

Time your destruction of the shield well, because the longer it takes for the throne room team to destroy it, the longer the purple team has to kill skulls, meaning you will be able to do more damage. Once you get toX60 buff or above from the skulls killed, finish off his shield. The purple team will return to the throne room by grabbing orbs.

It's time to damage Calus. Have everyone jump on the front right platform (sun) together to receive a Force of Will buff, and empty your ammunition into his face. After about 10 seconds, Calus will detonate a bomb on your platform, so drop down and go to the back right platform (war beast). This process will continue until you've used all four platforms. If he is still alive, you will repeat the process from the beginning, including the platform callouts, the skulls, and all.

When on the platforms, keep shooting. Use Power ammo, Empowering Rifts from Warlocks, Rally Barricades from Titans, Shadowshots from Nightstalker Hunters, and more. Do as much damage as you can. After the first section of his health bar is depleted, his weak point will become his chest. Keep firing.

Repeat the entire process until Calus's health bar is depleted. At this point, he will summon a massive explosion one last time, and generate a shield. Empty all your damage into him to destroy his shield and kill him once and for all. Rejoice.

Drop down the hole in the center of the room and open up the chest for some sweet loot, and have yourselves a dance party. You've just conquered the Leviathan.

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