17 July 2017 - 18:41

Destiny 2's Legendary weapons will have intrinsic perks and color-changing shaders

A wishlist item is coming in the sequel.
Image via Activision

Destiny 2's beta is set to kick off tomorrow on PlayStation 4, and some exciting news about Legendary weapons was revealed this morning.

Reddit user "EireneRR4_" attended the Virgin Media Destiny 2 Beta Experience event in London earlier today—and they brought home some new information.

On the game's inventory screen, you can see a better look at a Legendary weapon's mod slots. EireneRR4_ described the three slots as a "mod" box with a load of empty slots, an "elemental" box if it's an energy weapon, and a "shader" box with more empty slots.

Image via EireneRR4_ on [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/6nsylb/d2_weapon_intrinsic_perks_mods_and_shaders/)

The shader box matches the colors of the weapon in the image, which looks like it means that weapons can now be equipped with shaders just like a Guardian can. This feature has been long-awaited and wished for by players of the game for a couple years, so this news will be exciting for many.

EireneRR4_ also said that weapons have an intrinsic perk associated with them, and these will be unique to each weapon. The three trees next to the intrinsic perk (on the left side of the screenshot under "weapon perks") will remain the same, but the intrinsic perk has the potential to have a different stat-boost on each iteration of the gun.

In Destiny and its expansions, most Legendary weapons had completely different perks and stat rolls on them, so this is a change for the sequel. But since the intrinsic perks have the potential to be different on each gun, there will still be reason to grind for the ever-elusive "God roll" of a weapon.

Destiny 2's beta begins its early access period on PS4 tomorrow, but it will be available for all consoles on July 21. The game is set to release on consoles on Sept. 6 and on PC on Oct. 24. It's projected to sell three million digital copies on PC in its first few months.

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