9 September 2017 - 14:23

Destiny 2 Hunter guide: Subclasses, skill trees, and more

Swiftness and agility are your allies.
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In Destiny 2, Hunters are all about mobility and swiftness, as their double jumps and dodges make them tricky to deal with in battle. It's time to harness their quickness to become a legend.

The Hunter's class ability in Destiny 2 is its Dodge. Double-tapping the crouch button will let the Hunter move quickly in a selected direction. Marksman's Dodge automatically reloads the Hunter's weapon while dodging, and Gambler's Dodge will generate melee energy when used near enemies.

Arc subclass: Arcstrider

The Hunter's new Arc subclass uses the Arc Staff super, where they will summon a staff powered by Arc energy, and run around to deal damage with it. This super is comparable to the original Destiny's Bladedancer, as it has a lot of the same functionality at its base as a damage-dealing super that can one-hit enemies in the Crucible.

Way of the Warrior is the Arcstrider's first skill tree, and its focus is on the Hunter's melee abilities. Melee kills will immediately recharge the Hunter's Dodge skill, and dodging temporarily increases melee range, so the two abilities are used best in concert. Arc Staff will also hit twice after dodging, and striking an enemy with Arcstrider's melee charge will emit a deadly bolt of lightning.

Way of the Wind is the second skill tree for the subclass, and speed is the name of the game. When critically wounded, the subclass' melee and grenade abilities recharge faster. Sprinting with Arcstrider reduces Dodge's cooldown, and overall sprint speed is increased. This skill tree allows the melee ability to disorient enemies, and killing them with the ability instantly recharges the attack. Additionally, while Arc Staff is active, Arcstriders will take less damage while dodging.

Solar subclass: Gunslinger

Gunslinger returns from Destiny with some changes. The Golden Gun super ability summons a flaming pistol that will disintegrate enemies with Solar light, making it devastating at long range, and also the most accurate roaming super in the game.

Way of the Outlaw is a skill tree that focuses on the Golden Gun ability. It allows the super to fire off six shots, albeit with a much shorter duration of the roaming ability. It also makes the super more accurate.

The Gunslinger's melee ability, Throwing Knife, will also explode shortly after impact, and precision kills increase weapon reload speed for you and nearby enemies.

Way of the Sharpshooter rewards accurarcy, as it enables precision damage with Golden Gun. Landing precision hits with Golden Gun will generate Orbs of Light that will help charge allies' supers. Precision hits with Golden Gun also increase its damage and extend its duration.

With Sharpshooter, Throwing Knife will immediately recharge on precision kills. Each precision hit with any weapon will send the Gunslinger into a trance, reducing the cooldown of your super ability.

Void subclass: Nightstalker

The Hunter's Void class is back with a vengeance in Destiny 2, still touting its bow and arrow super, Shadowshot. This super does damage to enemies that it hits, but it also creates a tether that will tie nearby enemies down and prevent them from moving, also making them more susceptible to damage.

As important, if not more, to the Nightstalker's success is its melee ability, the Smoke Bomb. It can be used in one of two ways, but both of them are lethal when used correctly.

The first tree for Nightstalker is Way of the Trapper, and its smoke bomb is used like a mine that sticks to surfaces. When an enemy passes near it, the bomb detonates and slows and disorients the enemy. With the Keen Scout ability, the Nightstalker's radar is enhanced and they can sprint and sneak faster, bettering their overall mobility. Way of the Trapper also makes you turn invisible for a short time when using dodge, and Void anchors from Shadowshot become traps that wait for their prey, while having increased range and lasting longer.

Way of the Pathfinder turns the smoke bomb into a personal cloaking device. When the Hunter throws the smoke bomb, it will make them and their allies invisible, making it strong for PvE activities when health is low. The Lockdown perk in this skill tree also makes grenades and smoke effects last twice as long. But the main difference in this tree is that it turns Shadowshot into a more lethal attack that can be fired multiple times, making it ideal for PvP, as it deals massage damage to enemies. Killing tethered enemies creates Orbs of Light and will increase mobility, recovery, and resilience for the Hunter and their allies.

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