28 September 2017 - 23:20

Destiny 2 is getting a patch on Tuesday to fix an exotic quest

The servers will go down for at least four hours.
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Image via Bungie

Bungie has posted a new edition of its This Week at Bungie blog, and it contains some new information about an incoming hotfix that's set to hit Destiny 2 this coming Tuesday, Oct. 3.

Inside of Hotfix is a number of bug fixes, including a rather annoying one that has plagued players for a few weeks.

While leveling up the Legend of Acrius exotic shotgun, a step in the quest titled "His Highness's Seal" requires you to complete encounters in the Leviathan Raid to pick up 100 seals to fulfill a progress bar. The issue was that the bar was not incrementing properly, as the game would say it rewarded players with as many as 13 seals towards the 100 count, but it would only ever count as just one.

With the hotfix, the increment will remain the same, but the quest stop will now only require 10 seals to be collected, meaning that it can be finished in a little over one complete raid. With the bug that players were experiencing, you would need to finish over 13 raids to complete the step.

Another issue being fixed is clan engrams for Trials of the Nine and raid rewards sometimes dropping at only 10 Power. The Power level of these engrams will now scale to where they should be, which is whatever your character's perceived Power level is.

There are more bug fixes, but you can check out the full list on Bungie's blog. As part of the hotfix, the game's servers will be offline on Oct. 3 from 10am CT until 2pm CT, although the past few maintenance windows have been extended longer than that.

Bungie also noted what's to come in a future update, including a fix for PlayStation 4 crashes, Leviathan Raid keys disappearing, and Lost Sector and Cayde's Stash chests incorrectly not rewarding any loot.

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