26 September 2017 - 19:15

Guided Games are now live in Destiny 2 for the Raid and Nightfall

It's time to get some help or give it to others.
Image via Activision

Destiny 2's Guided Games feature is now live, with availability for the Leviathan Raid and Weekly Nightfall Strike.

Guided Games are meant for smaller groups of one or two people to team up with three to five other players who are in a clan together to try to conquer some of the game's hardest PvE activities.

Image via Bungie

If you are a seeker, meaning you're looking to join a group, you will need a ticket. Tickets can be picked up from the Postmaster at the Tower when you first log in. You will then enter a queue as the game seeks to match you up with a group of guides.

The matchmaking time varies, but it appears to be way longer for seekers, and for the Raid in general when compared to the Nightfall. But if you're patient enough, you will hopefully be grouped up with someone who can help you score some sweet loot.

Matchmaking requires you to have a microphone plugged in because communication will be key, and in something like the Raid, it truly is a must due to the nature of some of the mechanics.

For seekers, the reward is finally beating something that has been difficult to defeat. For guides, the reward is in being a helper to someone in need, and your clan is also rewarded with karma called Oathkeeper's Score, which lets others know what kind of standing your clan is in.

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