8 September 2017 - 12:51

Bungie has released a schedule outlining the first month of Destiny 2

Now we know just what to expect.
Image via Activision

Bungie's first post-Destiny 2 launch blog update was full of information this week, including a schedule looking at what's ahead in the coming weeks.

In the past, loose timelines were given, but nothing quite as detailed as this and in advance. For each week of September, we now know what to expect for all of the game's weekly activities.

Along with knowing what each week's Nightfall Strike will be, Bungie also revealed what the map and game mode will be for each weekend's Trials of the Nine. In Trials, players compete in four vs. four competitive multiplayer to try to score the best loot.

The schedule also confirmed the return of Xur, Agent of the Nine, for Friday, Sept. 15. That means he won't be here this weekend, but next weekend he will pop up somewhere in the world selling Exotic guns and armors and giving you a place to dump your Legendary shards.

On Tuesday, Sept. 26, something called Faction Rally will begin. It's unclear what that pertains to, but the image and name suggest that the game's three factions will be returning. In Destiny 1, players pledged loyalty to one of the three factions to rank up with them and score exclusive weapons and loot.

The first big date on the calendar, though, is Wednesday, Sept. 13. That's when the Leviathan Raid launches. Raids are the best and most difficult end-game PvE activities in Destiny, so players will want to form up their six man teams and get ready to take it on as soon as possible.

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