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Destiny 2 factions guide: Which one is best for you?

This is the faction that you should choose.
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Destiny 2's Faction Rallies are week-long events where players must pledge their allegiance to one of three factions to earn tokens to turn in for exclusive gear.

Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy all offer different types of weapons and armor, and we're here to help you pick which one to choose if you're not loyal to one already.

The faction that is rewarded the most faction packages overall will win the Faction Rally, and their exclusive winner's offering weapon will be available for all to purchase for just 1,000 glimmer. Otherwise, they will cost 50,000.

Dead Orbit

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Dead Orbit believes that Earth is dying and that our future lives in the stars. This faction sports a black, white, gray, and camo color scheme. Their leader, Arach Jalaal, offers armor for all classes, five weapons, and shaders.

Dead Orbit's winner's offering is a scout rifle called Haunted Earth. It's a long-range but slow firing scout with a perk called Field Prep, which increases your ammo reserves and ups your reload speed while crouching.

Arach Jalaal also offers a pulse rifle called Three Graves, a handcannon called Dire Promise, a sidearm called Eleventh Hour, and a shotgun called Gravity Slingshot.

Future War Cult

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Future War Cult believes that a big war is coming, and that the future has been seen. War is a constant, and they want to be always ready for the fight. FWC's color scheme is dark blue/violet, red, and yellow. Lakshmi-2 is their leader, and she offers armor for every class, five weapons, and shaders.

FWC's winner's offering is a pulse rifle called Heart of Time. Its main perk is Dragonfly, which causes an elemental damage explosion upon precision kills.

Future War Cult's real strength, however, is in its other weapons. True Prophecy, a handcannon, is comparable to Better Devils, widely thought by most to be the best in the game. Their auto rifle, The Number, is of the same archetype as strong AR's Prosecutor and Uriel's Gift. Pleiades Corrector is a scout rifle with the Rampage perk, and Eye of Foresight is a sniper rifle that comes equipped with the Field Prep perk.

New Monarchy

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New Monarchy believes that a strong earth is essential for a strong humanity, and that a strong leader is required. They wish to appoint an all-powerful leader, but only if the rest of the democracy agrees. This faction sports a red and gold color scheme, and their leader, Executor Hideo, offers armor for all classes, five weapons, and shaders.

New Monarchy's winner's offering is a sidearm named Interregnum XVI. It's a Suros sidearm, which means it fires full-auto rounds, and its main perk allows you to aim down sights faster.

Restoration VIII is a Suros auto rifle with the Quickdraw perk, and Song of Justice VI is a Hakke scout rifle that automatically reloads itself when it's holstered for a short period of time. New Monarchy also offers a submachine gun called Royal Dispensation II, which has melee kills reload a portion of its magazine, and a full-auto Suros shotgun called Unification VII.

In the end, it will all come down to personal preference. If you're a big fan of handcannons or PvP weaponry in general, then you might want to pledge for Future War Cult. If you like the colors black and white and a hard-hitting scout rifle, then Dead Orbit is for you. New Monarchy offers solid options for PvE weapons.

The choice is yours, and soon, the loot will be yours too.

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