19 September 2017 - 17:26

Destiny 2 Crucible overview: PvP modes and how to play them

There are five modes total in Destiny 2.
Image via Activision

The Crucible is back in Destiny 2, and it's a place where Guardians can hone their skills for the wars to come. But mainly, it's just a competitive PvP experience where you can put your awesome loot to the test against other gamers.

PvP in Destiny 2 is split into two distinct playlists named Quickplay and Competitive.


This playlist is for casual play and matchmaking is based more off of connection than skill. Quickplay is where you'll want to go if you're not looking for a serious experience, and instead want more laid back PvP gameplay—in theory.


In Control, there are three flags on the map that must be captured and held. The more flags you hold, the more points you get with each kill. Once the score limit is reached, the game is over.

Both teams' home flags will be auto-captured by default, so your main decision when the game starts is to decide whether you want to push and capture B flag, or flank the enemy and try to take their home flag instead. All the while, you must be slaying in order to get points.


When someone dies in this game mode, they will drop a crest. Picking up an enemy's crest will score a point for your team, and picking up a friendly crest will prevent the enemy from scoring. Killing an enemy without picking up their crest will not register any points for your team.


Straight up team deathmatch. The team that slays the best will win the game. In Destiny 2, team-shotting is more important than ever, so the team that stays together better and focuses down targets will most likely win.

It doesn't get any more basic than Clash. Just kill people and don't get killed. There's no other objective.


The Crucible's other playlist focuses its matchmaking on skill, meaning that you are more likely to be matched up with someone close to your skill level, but that also means matchmaking times could take a bit longer.


In this classic search and destroy mode, one team has to defend two bomb sites while the other needs to attack. If the bomb is not planted and there are members of both teams left alive, the defense wins.

The key concept in this mode is to split your team up on defense so both sites are defended, and quickly group up whenever you find where the attacking team is headed. Team-shooting, as always, will win out. So it's easy to get ambushed at one point if you're pushed up too far.

On attack, aggressiveness can work more often than not. If your team bum-rushes one site together, you can catch the defense off-guard and plant the bomb before they can rotate fast enough, or pick off one or two of them before they can react. Or there'll be an all-out four-vs.-four fight.


This mode is basically a round-based team deathmatch, but with limited respawns. Each team gets eight lives. When those lives are depleted, the team cannot respawn anymore. The round ends when there are no players left alive on one team.

Sticking together and playing cautiously will most likely win out in this game mode, and because of this, it has the tendency to play incredibly slowly. Be patient and team-shoot and you should be okay.

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