18 August 2017 - 11:37

Destiny 2 will be available to pre-load on console "early next week"

The wait is almost over, Guardians.
Image via Activision

With just 19 days until Destiny 2 is released, players now know when they will be able to pre-load the game for instant access on release day.

Pre-loading Destiny 2 will begin "early next week" for the Xbox One, and on Aug. 31 for PlayStation 4 according to Bungie's weekly blog post. That will allow console players to start their journeys in the game, and jump straight in when the game is released.

Nothing was announced for the PC just yet, as that entry will release on Oct. 24.

Bungie also announced that the Destiny Companion app would be getting a big overhaul ahead of the sequel, complete with clan support, a gear manager, and more for Destiny 2. That update is coming on Aug. 23.

The information has been trickling in about Destiny 2 over the past few weeks. Bungie has recently revealed that the game will launch with over 50 hours of story content, Nightfall Strikes will be on a timer, and that a ton of feedback from the console beta will be implemented in the PC beta.

One final step between now and the game's release on console is that PC beta, which begins on Aug. 28 for pre-orders. It will be open to all on Aug. 29, and end on Aug. 31.

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