27 July 2017 - 16:55

In-game clan rosters can now be transferred into Destiny 2

If you had a clan in the original Destiny, this is important.
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Destiny clan owners will have to take some action if they want their clans to be transferred into Destiny 2. Developer Bungie has outlined how the process works in a new blog post.

In the original game, the clan features were all on Bungie.net. That process involved a feature called groups. Members could then set the group as their clan, so they could display the clan name in-game on their player card. In Destiny 2, everything is done in-game, so some housekeeping is required if you'd like to carry your rosters forward.

There are two main options to choose from. The first option is to upgrade your clan to a Destiny 2 clan. Bungie recommends this for smaller communities (three to 100 members), where the majority of the group members are also clan members. The associated group will be deleted, but the Group's forum and chat history will be transferred into Destiny 2.

The second option is to remain a group, and Bungie recommends this for larger communities of 100+ members where most of the group members are not also clan members. From here, the clan is deleted and the roster is removed, but the clan name is reserved to the user that was the original clan founder. The reservation will be held until Sept. 20, two weeks after the game releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Some difficult decisions will need to be made, especially considering that clans will once again be limited to 100 members. Now that groups are no longer an option, some clans will need to start over from scratch.

Clan functionality will be an important part of Destiny 2, as Guided Games will help solo players find clans to play with in some end-game activities. It will be a big addition to the series, as all of the past functions of clans were found outside of the original game.

The process seems complicated at first, but a help article on Bungie's site explains it all in more detail. Aug. 23 is the deadline to choose between a group or a clan.

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