27 September 2017 - 18:34

The Bungie Bounty PvP challenge is back for the first time in Destiny 2

A skilled competitive gamer is the first target.
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Image via Activision

The Bungie Bounty is set to make a return in Destiny 2 tonight, and it will feature a popular streamer and skilled competitive player.

In Bungie Bounties, a target is chosen to go into the Crucible. If players can match up against the target and defeat them, they are rewarded with an exclusive emblem. The first target is Twitch streamer Gigz.

Destiny 2's Bungie Bounty emblem, "Sign of Mutual Combat"

Gigz is well-known for his prowess in PvP, so it won't be an easy fight to win. Playing with him will be Bungie senior designers Josh Hamrick and Kevin Yanes, and Bungie community manager Cozmo.

The bounty begins at 10pm CT and will last for two hours in Destiny 2's Competitive playlist. This Bungie Bounty is only on PlayStation 4, but future ones will take place on other platforms as well.

Bungie iterated in the announcement that nothing about the game or its future would be revealed on Gigz's stream, and that this is all about trying to match up and win some emblems.

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