19 July 2017 - 16:55

Super abilities charge really slowly in Destiny 2's beta, and no one's happy about it

The Destiny community has one big issue with the beta so far.
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We are one day into the Destiny 2 beta on PlayStation 4, and the game's community seems to be unanimous in their uproar about how slowly super abilities are charging.

In Destiny 2, all of the game's three classes and subclasses have a unique super ability. These super abilities turn Guardians into murder machines using such powers as a flaming sword, an electric staff, or a shield made of void energy.

In both PvE activities and the Crucible PvP mode, super abilities charge way more slowly than they ever did in the original Destiny. It's near impossible to get more than one super per game, and most supers end up being charged near the end point of each round in the Crucible.

In PvE, it is also extremely noticeable how few and far between the supers seem. In end-game content, supers are a necessity for teamwork to help clear adds, buff, or defend yourself or your allies against a boss.

The Destiny community has taken to the internet to voice their concerns, posting multiple threads on Reddit and the game's forums.

For example, Reddit user "Onecooldude123" posted one of the many threads on the subject, and the replies were in agreement.

"Does anyone else feel like supers take forever to get now?" he said. "Especially in PvP. 99 percent of the time no one gets a super until a team is around 60 points. There are times I never actually get to use my super. Compared to Destiny it feels too slow. Anyone else feel like this?"

The super charge rate needs to find a delicate balance, as the constant usage of them in Destiny, along with very short charge rates for grenades and melees, made the Crucible feel like an ability spam war. But this current iteration in Destiny 2 has the community feeling underwhelmed.

In an effort to slow down the game and make it more competitive, Bungie has made all abilities (Grenade, Melee, and class-specific abilities) work on universal cooldowns that cannot be shortened depending on the gear you equip like you could in Destiny. This does not rule out gear in the full title having that effect, however.

Destiny 2's beta has three cool new subclasses—the Warlock's Dawnblade, the Titan's Sentinel, and the Hunter's Arcstrider—and each of their supers are awesome. But right now, it's difficult to fully enjoy them when they're so sparse.

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