18 July 2017 - 22:53

Destiny 2's beta is now live, and it's really good

A sample of one of 2017's biggest games is in the wild.
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The day has finally come. Destiny 2's beta is now live on PlayStation 4, with early access on Xbox One tomorrow and the beta available on both consoles on Friday.

Seemingly everybody was live on Twitch streaming the beta as it went live, including big Twitch broadcasters Lirik, DrDisRespect, Summit1g, TimTheTatMan, and more. Of course, the regular stable of Destiny players including Gothalion, ProfessorBroman, TripleWreck, and LacedUpLauren were also enjoying the fun.

The beta lets you play each of the game's three classes—Warlock, Titan, and Hunter—and they each come with two subclasses. One of the subclasses for each class is new, while the other is returning from the original Destiny, albeit with many tweaks and upgrades.

Destiny 2's beta offers three different things to play. First, after you select a class, you will play the game's first story mission, titled "Homecoming." This mission is the one that was played at the reveal stream in May, but it's awesome to experience firsthand. It is a marked improvement from the campaign missions of the original game, in storytelling, pacing, and gameplay.

There is also a co-op Strike, called "The Inverted Spire," where a fireteam of three Guardians must investigate odd happenings one on of the game's new locations, a planetoid called Nessus. The Strike is one of the best that's ever been seen in the series history, as Guardians move forward as they fight hordes of various enemies. It concludes with a trek into a dangerous crater and a three-tiered boss fight, both of which are exhilarating.

After that, the beta offers two types of Crucible PvP multiplayer. The first is Quickplay, which features the game mode Control on the map Endless Vale. The four versus four mode sees teams fighting for control over three flags, with more points being rewarded for each kill depending on how many flags you hold.

The final offering is the Competitive Crucible playlist, which has the game mode Countdown on a map called Midtown. Countdown is a brand new game mode in the series, where two teams of four battle it out over two objectives. One team must plant a bomb at one of the objectives and the other must defend it, while being unable to respawn if they die unless revived by a teammate. The catch, however, is that each team gets just three respawn tokens per round.

Countdown is a refreshing take on the "search and destroy" game mode type, and is incredibly rewarding with a team of friends. Crucible itself has a much different pace this time around, with a focus on gunplay as opposed to super abilites and grenades. It's a nice change of pace from the first game's take on PvP.

Overall, Destiny 2 feels like an improvement over the original, as all three ways to play the game feel familiar yet new, and rewarding in their own ways. The beta is available to everyone on consoles on July 21, and it will come to the PC platform some time in August.

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