23 July 2017 - 20:22

The Destiny 2 beta is being extended two days for "more strenuous testing"

"Expect some chop."
News Writer
Image via Activision

If you haven't been able to get enough play time in Destiny 2's beta this weekend, you're in luck.

Bungie has announced that the beta is being extended by two days, and will now end on Tuesday, July 25, at 9pm ET. It is expected that there will be service interruptions "during more strenuous testing."

Bungie community manager Cozmo also chimed in, saying that the two days will mainly be for more hardcore testing of the game's servers while the developers mess around with things behind the scenes.

"Enjoy the extra time, but expect some chop," said Cozmo. "We're going to start just unplugging wires to see what happens. It's about to get weird."

As of now, the beta offers one story mission, one Strike, and two different PvP modes on two maps. It's possible that the final days will see new content added, as Bungie also said to stay tuned "for potential announcements and updates to the Destiny 2 beta as we enter the final phase of testing."

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