7 September 2017 - 17:32

Here's how to activate Heroic Public Events in Destiny 2

Score some extra loot with a bit of a challenge.
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Destiny 2's open world is full of a ton of activities, and Public Events are just one of them. This time around, they are definitely worth doing for some loot and some challenges.

Public Events have been revamped from Destiny 1. There are a few new ones, but the main new feature is that you can trigger more difficult versions of them by completing specific tasks. These versions are called Heroic Public Events, and they have a chance to drop you more Glimmer and better loot overall.

Here's how to do it, thanks in large part to YouTuber Datto.

Fallen Ether Extraction

You can tell which one this is by the giant purple Servitor boss that spawns along with it. To trigger the Heroic version of this event, you must kill all of the smaller Servitors that spawn around it. Once that happens, Heroic mode is triggered, and the giant Servitor becomes way stronger. Finish him off to finish the event.

Fallen "Spider Tank"

Those giant, six-legged Walker tanks can be a pain, but they're way easier to manage when you unlock the force fields that surround the big guy. When you destroy one of its legs, it will drop a number of Arc charges. Pick them up and use them to open up the force fields that contain Scorch cannons. To trigger Heroic mode, you must unlock all of the force fields, which means you'll need six Arc charges. A second tank will drop shortly after, and you finish the event by destroying both of them.

Glimmer Extraction

It's time to stop the Fallen from stealing all of the currency from the Earth. To trigger the Heroic version of this event, you'll need to destroy three separate consoles that spawn on the ground before you kill the four targeted enemies in each of the three waves, with one console per wave. You can tell which console it is by shooting at it and seeing that it takes damage, but it's smaller than the rest. Once you do this, Heroic is triggered and you will need to transmat a huge pile of Glimmer by standing around it while many enemies charge at you.

Taken Blight

Three Taken Blight bubbles will spawn, one large and two smaller. To trigger Heroic, you will need to step in and out of the field made by the smaller Blights to gain a buff called "Blight Receding," which lasts a few seconds. While this buff is active, you can damage the main large Blight. Destroy it and Heroic will trigger, spawning a massive enemy called Blightmaker. Kill him dead.

Witches' Ritual

This one is a Hive event on the location of Titan, and it's pretty simple. You need to kill two Wizards that spawn, and then destroy the two shielded crystals on either side of the portal where the event takes place. To destroy the crystals, you need to take down their shields by standing in the corresponding glowing circles on the ground on the opposite side from the portal. Doing so will trigger Heroic and spawn a giant Knight that needs to be finished off to complete the event.

Disrupt Vex Construction

A bunch of death robots will spawn a conflux as they try to fortify their underground structures. Normally, you just need to fight off a bunch of waves of enemies. But to trigger Heroic, you need to stand on three plates that spawn around the conflux and charge them to 100 percent. Once all three are charged, a lot more enemies spawn and you must fight them all off while defending the conflux until the timer runs out.

Cabal Excavation

This one can be tough, as you are fighting off waves of Cabal enemies as well as massive bombs being dropped on your head. As you stand around the mining lander and try to override it, a Cabal Thresher ship will fly near the area for a short period of time. You must destroy this ship to trigger the Heroic mode. It can be difficult as the ship has a decent amount of HP, so you might need to use a Super or two before it flies away. Once that's done, a giant boss Cabal will spawn. Kill him to finish the event.

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