28 August 2017 - 18:23

Prepare for Destiny 2 with this 90 minute video about the game's history and lore

Yes, Destiny has a story.
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Destiny has taken a lot of flack over the first few years of the franchise for its lack of storytelling, and rightfully so. The vanilla version of the game was scant with cutscenes or storyline, and a lot of the game's deep lore was confined to Grimoire cards on Bungie's web site and mobile app. But there actually is a ton of cool and interesting history and lore behind the scenes.

Thanks to YouTuber "MyNameisByf," you won't have to play through all of Destiny or its numerous expansions to grasp the universe's vast history and lore. And you won't have to read a ton of Grimoire cards, either.

Byf's newest video, "The Complete Story of Destiny," is an impressive 90-minute blow-by-blow recollection of the history and lore in the Destiny universe. A lot of the first game's time was spent world-building, and it seems like Bungie is ready to tell new stories in that world with Destiny 2. This video is as good a primer as any to get you briefed on what happened.

Not only does the video highlight what happened before the events of the first game, but it details everything that happened in the game's storyline and every expansion, so you will know what's what by the end of it.

Yes, it's 90 minutes long, but we're just a little over a week away from the release of Destiny 2 now. Grab a drink and a snack and let Byf's relaxing education take you on a journey

Destiny 2 releases on Sept. 6 on consoles, and Oct. 24 on PC.

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