12 December 2015 - 05:25

Daily recap

Halo- StelluR joins OpTic Halo.  Online ladders for the HWC “Halo World Championship” are now open.
Dot Esports


  • StelluR joins OpTic Halo
  • Online ladders for the HWC “Halo World Championship” are now open
  • 343's livestream today introduced all the content in Halo 5’s latest update, Cartographers Gift. Update contains several new Arena and Warzone Maps as well as the highly anticipated Forge Mode and several new weapons, skins, and armor.
  • “The Agency” formed, consisting of former Cloud9 players FearItSelf and Hysteria alongside Spartan and Munoz.
  • Noble eSports, consisting of Contra, Rayne, Penguin, and Predevonator currently hold first place on the North American ladder with 37 wins and 2 loses.
  • Major League Gaming will be covering competitive Halo with a weekly segment called “The Terminal”. 

Call of Duty

League of Legends

  • Five-time World Championship qualifier and European veteran, Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim crosses the Atlantic to join Team SoloMid of North America. 


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