21 August 2016 - 16:37

Cloud9 Sign Smash Bros 4 Champion Ally

Cloud9 sign Evolution Tournament 2016s Smash Champion Ally to bring the TSM Cloud 9 rivalry into the smash bros scene.

Cloud9 has joined in on the Smash Bros. 4 scene by acquiring the signature of Evolution 2016's winner Elliot “Ally” Bastien Carroza-Oyarce to bring the organization into the Smash 4 scene for the first time.

Cloud9 had already been prolific in the Melee community, having signed Joseph "Mang0" Marquez, but look to bring the old fashioned Team SoloMid/Cloud9 rivalry into Smash 4 with their latest acquisition.

For those unaware. Team SoloMid's player Gonzalo "Zero" Barrios is the previous Smash 4 champion at Evo and lost out to ally at the tournament, so fans can be excited to see the el classico of esports played from here on out in the Smash Bros community.

Here's what Cloud9 had to say;

“Picking up Elliot marks our first venture into a modern Smash title, with his recent top-placing performances at EGLX, GOML2016, EVO2016, and the Rio de Janeiro eGames, we’re confident he will continue to improve and leave a lasting mark on the competitive Smash 4 scene.”

It will be interested to see how this plays out as competitive Smash gains more and more momentum with sponsorships, tournaments and deals being brought in to finance the scene and help it expand.

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