28 September 2017 - 23:30

Bungie promises updates to "tune the sandbox experience" in Destiny 2

Some things could be changing very soon.
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We now have a small idea of what the developers of Destiny 2 are doing behind the scenes about the game's tuning moving forward thanks to this week's blog post on This Week at Bungie.

Destiny's community is very vocal about what it likes and doesn't like. Once the "honeymoon phase" of the game ended, the community took a turn towards hyper-criticism to voice their concerns about what is wrong with the game and what could use fixing in the future.

"Since the launch of Destiny 2, we have been reading your feedback, spectating streams, and watching YouTube videos," said Bungie senior designer Jon Weisnewski. "Very recently, we received our first real batch of player data from our analytics team. We’ve also been shoulder-to-shoulder with you in the trenches daily, playing the ever-loving crud out of this game.

"We’re not ready to go into detail about any weapon or ability tuning at this point, but there is an ongoing process in play, so we did want to drop a quick line and say we have heard your feedback. Thank you. Destiny 2 will get updates that tune the sandbox experience."

One of the main complaints from the community has been linked to the success of the MIDA Multi-Tool exotic scout rifle. A returning gun from Destiny 1, it was far and away the most popular kinetic weapon in the first weekend of Trials of the Nine, the game's end-game PvP mode.

"We are aware of MIDA Multi-Tool’s popularity and are looking at it very closely," said Weisnewski. "It is popular, but according to our data, there are options out there that match or exceed its effectiveness in all activities. Have you found one?"

Throughout Destiny 1's lifespan, there were numerous sandbox updates that changed how the game was played. Both PvE and PvP went through a bunch of different metas depending on what was nerfed or buffed and what Bungie changed behind the scenes. More of the same could be expected from the sequel.

"It’s only the first month of a long adventure," Weisnewski said. "Many players are still gathering weapons for their arsenal and we have a handful of guns that haven’t even hit the game yet. We’re excited to see how things evolve. As always, thanks for playing, and keep the feedback rolling in."

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