15 September 2017 - 14:09

Bungie plans on making skill-based matchmaking more prevalent in Destiny 2's Competitive playlist

There should be less one-sided matches soon.
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Image via Activision

Destiny 2 has only been out for a little over a week, but the developers at Bungie already have enough data to know that something needs changing when it comes to PvP's matchmaking.

In its weekly blog post, Bungie said that Quickplay matchmaking is working as it intended, but the Competitive playlist's matchmaking is going to undergo some changes.

"According to the finer minds on our team, the Competitive playlist needs some love," the blog post said. "Too many players are getting stomped by opponents who grossly outmatch them. In order to match you properly with an opponent in your league, we need to apply your skill rating. There is a bug we need to fix to ensure that this is done properly. We are applying that fix right now."

The Quickplay playlist features game modes like Clash, Control, and Supremacy, while the Competitive playlist features more slow-paced, team-oriented modes in Countdown and Survival.

"The Crucible exists in a constant state of evolution," the blog post said. "It adapts to the way you play, so this won’t be the last update we apply to the state of combat. Get out there and trade some shots with your fellow players. Tell us all about your experiences."

Today marks the first weekend of Trials of the Nine, an end-game PvP experience where your Power level and gear matters. That mode should benefit heavily from the tweaks to skill-based matchmaking.

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