28 September 2017 - 18:36

Blizzard may be working on a new mobile game with RTS and MMO elements

The job listing was quickly taken down, however.
Gaming writer
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A job ad that was recently taken offline revealed that Blizzard could be working on a new project that's a combination of real-time strategy and MMO.

The ad, which can still be viewed via archive, states that Blizzard Entertainment is "seeking an experienced Unity mobile client engineer to work on an unannounced MMO RTS project," suggesting that anyone who might make a great fit would have an "unwavering passion for mobile development" and "solving engineering problems unique to mobile app environments."

It's important to note the Unity requirement, as that's what Hearthstone utilizes on mobile devices. As far as what franchise this new game could belong to, there aren't any other details to go on at the time of writing, given that Blizzard (or another entity) was quick to ensure the listing was taken down.

In terms of mobile releases, Blizzard also just announced the release of the Battle.net companion app earlier this week, which is available for download right now via the App Store. Aside from the ability to chat with friends, it also features the "Mobile Friending" ability that will allow players to create and scan QR codes that act as mobile friend requests.

With BlizzCon coming up in November, it's possible additional details will emerge about the project. But until then, it's probably safe to assume things will remain hush-hush for a while. Hopefully additional details eke out in the weeks to come.

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