9 April 2017 - 17:00

These are the best custom Steam skins you can download

Custom colors, fonts, and layouts can help personalize your Steam experience.
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Easily the most popular PC gaming client in the world, Steam offers a ton of games and intense sales quite often. But while the user interface of the program itself has seen improvements over the years, the default look of Steam can still be lacking.

Did you know you could download custom skins for your Steam? They’re simple to install and can change the entire layout of your gaming experience the next time you go to fire up your favorite PC title.

In the end, it all comes down to preference. Custom skins can change things like fonts and colors, so it’s all up to what you’d like to see. Here are a few of the best Steam skins to take a look at to get yourself started.

Blue Pulse

Black and blue are the stars of this theme, combining to create a sleek, darkened vibe with white text that stands out. This theme is easy on the eyes, especially when it comes to the brightness factor. If you’re someone who darkens every window they can while using the PC, this is a good theme to start out with.

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This skin offers a similar color scheme to the default Steam layout, but in a neater and simplified design. The top panel features a large version of the Steam logo.

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One of the more dramatic and visually stimulating skins out there, Air is a colorful and much different take on the Steam UI. This one is for those who are bold and looking for something that will stand out.

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One of the most popular skins on SteamSkins.org, Metro is a clean take on the default Steam skin that works best in Windows 10.

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Steam Customizer

If you can’t find anything that fits your tastes exactly, then SteamCustomizer is a good place to go. This site lets you make your own custom skins letting you tailor nearly every facet of the client’s UI. There are a variety of fonts to choose from, a color wheel to customize most areas of the client, and it even lets you decide what your friends list will look like as well.

Not only that, but Steam Customizer has a ton of designs made by other users on the site. You have to connect your Steam to the site to download them, but the possibilities become great once you do. Here’s a few that we found on the site after just a few minutes of browsing.

Overwatch Tracer

VaultBoy Wink


Whether you want to darken or lighten your UI, stand out, or just represent your favorite games, there's a Steam skin out there for every taste.

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