7 June 2017 - 14:53

Battleborn is getting a free-to-play multiplayer version

The game is getting a new payment model one year after release.
Image via Gearbox Software

In an effort to compete with Overwatch, Battleborn developr Gearbox is launching a new free-to-play option for it's flagship team-based shooter.

The free version of Battleborn will give players access to all competitive multiplayer modes of the game indefinitely. Players will be able to choose from a weekly rotating roster of six playable heroes, similar to League of Legends' free champion rotations.

Gearbox will also implement a similar system used by others MOBAs that will give players the option to purchase heroes indefinitely by using in-game currency (or by using actual money).

Players who have paid for the full version of Battleborn prior to the launch of this free-to-play multiplayer mode will receive a founder's bonus pack featuring free loot packs, credits, and cosmetic gear to reward them for their loyalty to the game from day one.

Players wishing to upgrade to the full version of the game can still do so and will gain instant access to every hero and story-based content—but will miss out on the founder's bonus pack.

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