19 September 2017 - 18:30

Ash's Pikachu code is live for Pokémon Sun and Moon

There's six different Pikachu, and players can have only one.
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Pokémon: Indigo League anime fans have a special treat coming to their Pokémon collections in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Ash's Pikachu is officially live, and any player can download him by inserting a special code inside the game.

From Sept. 19 to Oct. 30, Ash's Pikachu is available for download through the Mystery Gift option in-game. All players have to do is input "PIKACHU20" as a code, and Pikachu will be sent over to a Pokémon Center for pickup.

There's one catch, however. While PIKACHU20 can be used to pickup Ash's Pikachu immediately, players only get one chance to grab six different Pikachu versions. Each Pikachu cycles regularly, and all six are based on different eras in the Pokémon anime series.

From Sept. 26 to Oct. 2, for instance, Pikachu wears Ash's hat in the Hoenn region from Ruby and Sapphire. Meanwhile, Oct. 17 to 23 comes with Pokémon X and Y's Kalos hat. The current iteration, from Sept. 19 to Sept. 25, is based on the original Indigo League series in Kanto.

Each Pikachu comes with a moveset that mirrors his abilities at a specific region, so Ash's Pikachu from Kanto knows different moves than Ash's Pikachu from Kalos. Each Pikachu, however, has the Pikashunium Z-Crystal, which lets Pikachu learn 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt.

Remember, PIKACHU20 can only be used once, so players must choose their Pikachu wisely. Here's the full list below:

  • Sept. 19 to 25 — Ash’s Original Cap Pikachu
  • Sept. 26 to Oct. 2 — Ash’s Hoenn Cap Pikachu
  • Oct. 3 to 9 — Ash’s Sinnoh Cap Pikachu
  • Oct. 10 to 16 — Ash’s Unova Cap Pikachu
  • Oct. 17 to 23 — Ash’s Kalos Cap Pikachu
  • Oct. 24 to 30 — Ash’s Alola Cap Pikachu

Ash's Pikachu serves as a promotional giveaway for the upcoming film Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the original Indigo League anime's launch. The film runs in theaters from Nov. 5 to Nov. 6.

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