2 February 2018 - 20:53

Here are the new Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival items for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Celebrate the season in style.
Screengrab via Nintendo

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival is officially underway, and that means there's brand new items to collect. Here's what you can pick up during the event.

Unlike Pocket Camp's last event, where players could purchase items and amenities with snowflakes, you'll have to work extra hard to earn items this time around. To acquire all the new gothic and macabre offerings that Lottie has for the holiday, you'll have to plant roses and collect bats.

Once you've collected enough bats, you can go ahead and exchange them for items from Lottie. Here's all the new furniture and clothing options she has, and the number of bats you'll need for the exchange.

  • Gothic Rose Cage–Three Gothic Bats
  • Gothic Lolita Buns–15 Gothic Bats
  • Gothic Lolita Dress–40 Gothic Bats
  • Gothic Rose Fence–60 Gothic Bats

Alongside the game's Gothic Bats, there are also special items that can be acquired by capturing and exchanging Golden Gothic Bats. Here's all the various clothing and furniture options available.

  • Gothic Silk Top Hat–Six Golden Gothic Bats
  • Gothic Rose Lamp–Nine Golden Gothic Bats
  • Gothic Rose Guitar–15 Golden Gothic Bats
  • Gothic Rose Fence–30 Golden Gothic Bats
  • Gothic Rose Drums–40 Golden Gothics Bats

Remember, Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival ends Feb. 10, so make sure to collect as many bats as you can before the rewards are gone.

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