16 March 2018 - 15:00

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's fishing tournament has kicked off

Three new fish have been added.
Overwatch Staff Reporter
Image via Nintendo

The long-awaited Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp fishing tournament has begun.

Players will find the tournament host, Chip, waiting at Saltwater Shores for the event. To participate, head to Saltwater Shores and throw in a line. Special tournament fish have been added to Pocket Camp—clown fish, surgeonfish, and barred knifejaw. Tournament fish shadows will sparkle in the water.

After catching a tournament fish, hand it over to Chip and he'll measure it. There's a new tournament button on the right side of the screen—it's purple—that lists fish size goals to reach, as well as additional event challenges. Meeting these goals will unlock prizes, like a clown fish hairpin, coral bench, and fish tanks.

Here are all the rewards:

  • Seaweed screen
  • Coral bench
  • Decorated coral
  • Clown fish hairpin
  • Clown fish tank
  • Surgeonfish tank
  • Barred knifejaw tank

Chip will also offer up a golden fishing rod that can be used to catch two fish at once. It costs 80 Leaf Tickets, and will definitely speed up the rate at which fish are collected. Players can also buy special tournament throw nets to catch more fish at once. A large tournament throw net costs 20 Leaf Tickets.

The fishing tournament overlaps with Pocket Camp's Mario crossover event, which runs until April 10. The fishing tournament only runs until March 20.

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