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The 11 best League of Legends skins

Get ready to throw cash at your computer.
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League of Legends has a ton of really cool skins for its champions. Riot has been releasing them in droves since the game’s launch in 2009. But out of all of them, only some will go down in history as the best of the best.

Skins in League don’t just alter appearances like they do in most games. They change voiceovers, character models, and spell animations. The amount of alterations and cool new effects for each usually depends on how many Riot Points (RP) it costs. You can add RP to your League account using real-life money. That’s right, you can spend your hard-earned cash if you want to make your favorite champion look cooler.

There's another way to obtain skins in League, however. Using the crafting system, you can turn Skin Shards into actual skins. Skin shards are unlocked from Mastery Chests, which are loot boxes that each player gains at the end of a game if someone on their team earned an S- rank or higher. Keep in mind, however, each player can only earn a chest for each champion once per season. So if you’ve already earned a chest for Shaco, you won’t be able to earn another chest for Shaco until the next season.

Whether you’re spending your tax refund to irresponsibly fill your account with RP or try your hand with Lady Luck to get skins using Mastery Chests—these are the eleven skins you’re definitely going to want to acquire.

11) Risen Fiddlesticks

Risen Fiddlesticks is a skin straight out of The Mummy, turning Fiddle from a scarecrow to a wrapped, walking corpse. Fiddle’s normal ultimate features crows flying around him as he does damage to all nearby enemies. But with this skin, his ultimate turns all of those crows into scarab beetles with a sandstorm whipping all around.

Fiddlesticks is supposed to be scary, and his normal ultimate doesn’t exactly scream “spoopy” with the rainbow lights and Fiddle’s goofy laugh. This skin, however, really brings the creepy factor with the sudden swarm of giant beetles. For us, it’s much scarier because it reminds us of a certain scene in The Mummy involving a Scarab beetle. Yeah, that scene. This skin costs 1350 RP.

10) Primetime Draven

As if Draven wasn’t amazing enough (or is it obnoxious? We can never be sure with him), this skin ups the ante. Primetime Draven turns the axe-thrower into an LCS shoutcaster. What really makes this skin special is the voice-over, which alters his voice lines to say things that an LCS shoutcaster would say. For example, “Definitely some miscommunication there” when he dies, and “Draven is owning the map right now!” when he roams. This skin costs 975 RP.

“Enough about Draven, let’s talk about Draaaaaaaven.”

9) Dark Star Thresh

Dark Star Thresh is a newer addition to the League skin arsenal. Thresh has a host of awesome skins already, even the Samsung White Thresh skin from Samsung Galaxy White’s 2014 Worlds victory looks pretty cool—and all it essentially does is add a white trench coat to Thresh and calls it a day.

The Dark Star skin takes the cake for the coolest Thresh alternate. It changes his entire visual makeup into a blackhole monster. His lantern is his dark star, and instead of collecting souls, he feeds on energy and planets to fuel it. His dialogue also gets a rehaul to include some planet-destroying voice lines, like, “The galaxy will suffocate in darkness,” and, “The meaning of life—is that it stops.” This skin costs 1820 RP.

8) Brolaf

What kind of League fans would we be if we didn’t include at least one meme in the list? Brolaf takes his place as one of the greats simply because the skin is hilarious.

He embodies the idea of a frat-boy. He drinks beer from a hat. He yells “Brooo!” every chance he gets. He says wonderful things like: “I’m OP? Your mom is OP,” “My dad owns a dealership!” and our personal favorite, “Yo, summoner. Summon me, like, two… no, SIX hot chicks. Stat!” How could you not want this lovable bundle of that-thing-you-hated-most-about-college?

Let's not forget about the official teaser video for the skin's release back in 2010:

Brolaf costs 1820 RP.

7) Forsaken Jayce

If you’ve ever wondered whether the design team at Riot are Star Wars fans, look to Forsaken Jayce and you’ll find your answer. He was released on May 4, 2015 (as in “May the Fourth be with you”), and his giant hammer-gun looks suspiciously like a big, red lightsaber. Dressed all in black like your favorite Sith lord, Forsaken Jayce also gets the award for the most badass skin in the game. We may be biased. We really like Star Wars. This skin costs 1350 RP.

6) Hextech Annie

Hextech Annie can only be obtained using League’s Hextech Crafting system. The skin is extremely difficult to craft. A Redditor actually did the math, and it turns out it would take about five years of gameplay on average to craft her using the Rare Gems, which is the only way to get the skin manually. Alternatively, you might get really (and I mean really) lucky and get the skin shard from a chest. The skin turns Tibbers into a giant hextech monstrosity, and Annie’s spells all get new animations.

5) Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol

The coolest champion-release skin—a skin that gets released with the champion—to date has to be Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol. The skin turns the star-destroying behemoth dragon into a volcanic, fiery behemoth dragon. All of his skills get the flamey makeover, including the revolving stars, which become revolving fireballs. It’s a simple concept, but it works very well for Aurelion. Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol costs 1350 RP.

4) Master Arcanist Ziggs

The Master Arcanist Ziggs skin turns him into an actual magic-wielding mage instead of a Yordle throwing a bunch of bombs everywhere. The unique spell animations for this skin look awesome, turning his bombs into bouncing bottles of alchemical concoctions—that explode. The explosions are all brightly colored neon blue and pink flames. That way, when someone is getting nuked to a quick death from the maniacal little Yordle, at least it looks pretty. Right? This costs 1350 RP.

3) Arcade Corki

Arcade Corki was released along with two other Arcade skins (Arcade Ezreal and Arcade Ahri). The other two are pretty cool, but Corki’s takes the cake. Corki’s skins are very old, and they don’t look very good by today’s standards. He was released in 2009 as part of the original launch of the game, and most of his skins came out in the following year or two. That means, in comparison, the shiny new Arcade Corki skin blew us out of the water. His animations were all completely changed to the point that it feels like playing a whole new champion. 1350 RP.

2) Elementalist Lux

Elementalist Lux is League’s most recent Ultimate skin. Ultimate skins cost the most (3250 RP in this case), and usually they look cool enough to warrant the hefty price. Elementalist Lux changes Lux completely. Her animations are all different, her character model is different, and her voice is different. Those aren’t rare features for a skin to have, however. What really makes Elementalist Lux stand out are her alternate forms. As she lands her abilities, she gains elemental power, which can be spent to change her form in-game.

Each form comes with a completely unique appearance for Lux, including colors, animations, character model, and everything else. Her first choice of new forms is only between Fire, Air, Water, and Nature (if only Nature was Earth—we could call her Avatar Lux). Later in the game, when she collects enough points, she can choose an element again out of those original four. Depending on which second element she chooses, it can combine with her first choice to form a new element. If you don’t want to leave it up to mystery, and you want to know how to get certain elements before you play this skin, check out Rift Herald’s article on the matter. There are ten total possible forms. This ultimate skin costs 3250 RP.

1) Dunkmaster Darius

Come on and slam! Darius was called “dunkmaster” by players long before the release of this skin—in tribute to his ultimate, the Noxian Guillotine, which sees Darius jump high into the air and “dunk” his battleaxe down onto his victims. It is one of the most iconic ultimates in the game, and the Riot skin design squad decided to run with it. Dunkmaster Darius was born—clad in basketball shorts and a jersey, slick kicks, and he handles a giant basketball hoop instead of an axe.

There might not be as many features for this skin as there is for Elementalist Lux, but it takes the top of the list because it combines a really badass idea with total originality. Darius being the “dunkmaster” is something that makes League what it is. It’s something memorable that players will carry with them long after the game has faded away. Creating a complex skin out of an inside joke shared throughout the community was Riot’s way of saying that it cares.

Next time a Dunkmaster Darius leaps into the air with a basketball in his hand and smashes it down into your face, remember that Riot loves you. Dunkmaster Darius costs 1820 RP.

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