20 November 2017 - 16:06

League of Legends Patch 7.23: Big changes are coming for Summon Aery and Predator this week

It's the first round of surely many rounds of rune balance changes this preseason.
Image via Riot Games

Two weeks have passed since one of the largest changes in League of Legends history was launched—Runes Reforged.

Since then, players have had time to try out dozens of unique rune combinations to find exactly what works the best. But there are two runes that didn't take very long to analyze. One was massively overpowered, while another was weak to the point of unusable.

Those runes, Summon Aery and Predator, are being tweaked in this week's patch to address their glaring issues.

Summon Aery is, simply put, wildly too strong. Its damage in particular is significantly more reliable than its Sorcery counterpart, Arcane Comet, incentivizing mages and other damage dealers that would normally use the Comet to pick Aery instead. Some very oddball champions have been running it as well, like Pantheon, Riven, and Jhin, when there are other runes that were designed to fit champions like them much better.

Because of that, Aery's damage is being lowered from 20-60 to 15-40 based on your current level. This is significantly less damage, and Aery will be much less attractive to strictly damage dealing champions. The shield isn't being touched, so shielders and healers should still find similar levels of power from the little fairy/pixie/sprite/whatever it is.

Predator has the opposite problem. Thanks to the massive speed boost Predator is more useful than both Dark Harvest and Electrocute in the right situations, but the cooldown is so large that you can't actually use it enough to be worthwhile when compared to its Domination counterparts.

That's why its cooldown is being dropped from 180-120 seconds depending on level down to 150-100 seconds, which is a serious buff.

Both changes go live with the rest of the patch this Tuesday.

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