7 February 2017 - 17:51

Future SKT streams will not have live translators


All future Twitch streams involving SK Telecom T1 players will not have translators, as reported by Slingshot. Instead, the players will be attempting to learn English.

This is all according to what SKT head coach Choi “L.i.E.S” Byung-hoon said on Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan’s stream Tuesday.

The news follows Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok's stream yesterday, which garnered over 240,000 viewers and broke the record for most viewed stream by an individual, though most fans and viewers felt the stream was handled poorly for his debut.

The news has been welcomed by the mass majority of fans who feel the streams look less genuine compared to what other streamers can offer.

With SKT's players being asked to learn English, Twitch chat need only wait a little bit longer to converse with the Korean legends. Just don't meme too hard.

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Image via SKT/nervyzombie

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