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Top 10 Neutral Wild Cards

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Greetings, dear readers, and welcome to the first installment of ''Top 10's'', an article series where I walk you through my own top 10 ''something Hearthstone'' list. The spoiler season is upon us and, for my currently last Top 10's article, I chose to go with a much wider card pool. Instead of going with wild cards from a single class, I will go with  neutrals. What better way to currently end this series than to do a Top 10 wild neutral cards format. Remember, this list is only my opinion and it might be different than your own Top 10's list. Hopefully we will agree to at least some degree :)

Sit back, relax, and let's dive right into this! :)

Number 10

Justicar Trueheart

Justicar Trueheartis going to start of our list. Selecting the tenth card for this list was a very difficult task, almost as difficult as choosing the number one spot, because all of the cards on these list are among the best cards in the entire game. Some of you know this already but for those who are just joining us, welcome, control warrior is my favorite deck in the entire game and Justicar Trueheartis the all star of that deck. It was in that deck that I've discovered this card and, as being unbiased as much as I can, I can say that it honestly deserves the number 10 spot. Justicar Trueheartis played in control warrior and control/reno priest and while that isn't a large number of decks, the ability that this card has is absolutely insane. The buffs to your hero powers (gain 4 armor/heal for 4) are insane. If you've ever played against a warrior or a priest with the upgraded hero power then you know just how hard it is to kill them once your opponent starts using the hero power more often. Honestly, Justicar Trueheartis good in other classes, most of them, like paladin for example, but there aren't really that many decks to put it in right now. I think that this is a very solid card and a good way to start off this top 10 list :)

Number 9


If there is one card that I greatly miss in the standard format then it is LoathebLoathebcame out in Curse of Naxxramas, the first ever Hearthstone expansion, and it was made as a counter to miracle rogue. For those of you who weren't there at that point in time, you've had an encounter with Loatheband it was the most brutal, sadistic, nightmare inducing, heroic boss battle that I've ever had the displeasure to play. It was one of those encounters where you just had to have the absolute best starting hand imaginable or else Loathebwould roflstomp you in 4 to 5 turns. I've lost so many nerves on that encounter that it is amazing that I'm still mentally sane after beating it. If you're new to the game then I strongly recommend that you buy the old Curse of Naxxramas for yourself and see what a real heroic challenge looks like, not that poor excuse of a heroic mode that we got with One Night in Karazhan.

Enough of history, let's talk a bit about the card itself and its role here.Loathebis the only card in the entire game that has this unique spell stopping effect. Yes, there will soon a another card with a similar effect, but Loathebhas better stats for the cost and its ability only effects your opponent. It shuts down every spell combo deck in the game and buys you a single turn that can make a huge difference between winning and losing the game.

Number 8

Mad Scientist

Mad Scientistis, like most of the cards on this list, a first expansion all star. It is a staple card in freeze mage and a few hunter decks due to its ability to draw...no, play secret cards. This play or summon part of the effect is HUGE. It is extremely powerful in a freeze mage deck because it helps you get your Ice Blockwithout having to dig for it. It is also played in every non aggro hunter deck because hunter has quite a lot of powerful secrets. This card is basically deathrattle: get a free secret from your deck. It is still a staple in every deck that runs secrets with the exception of secret paladin because it has a much better way of putting the secrets from the deck into play. It is a common card which means that it is dirt cheap to craft and I highly recommend crafting a pair of Mad Scientists. A well deserved 8th spot :)

Number 7

Sylvanas Windrunner

We've reached our first Hall of Fame card on this list and that honor goes to Sylvanas Windrunner. Wait, ain't Hall of Fame cards extremely powerful and that is why they are banned from standard? No, not necessarily. Some card are powerful and those are mostly class cards but Sylvanas Windrunnerwas moved because it was limiting the design space. There was no need to put any 6 cost neutral minion instead of her into your deck. This doesn't mean that the card itself is overpowered, it just means that it is the best neutral choice for a certain spot and making new same cost cards would require those cards to be even more powerful or else there wouldn't be any reason to use them.

Sylvanas Windrunnerwas often voted as the best neutral legendary minion in the entire game. This is, of course, false. Honestly, the difference between Sylvanas Windrunnerand the two out of three best legendary minions in the game (Fandral Staghelmis one of them) is huge. I know that you might be thinking ''What minions are those?'' and I will not reveal them until we get to spots 1 and 2.

Sylvanas Windrunneris overall a great card. It has an amazing deathrattle which forces your opponent to play around it unless they want to lose a powerful minion. She is a threat that must be answered as soon as she hits the board because it is not safe to let her stick around. Due to this, she has a huge impact on your opponent's plans which is always a good thing in a competitive environment. With all of that taken into consideration, I'm going to give Sylvanas Windrunnerthe 7th spot on this list. Why is such a great card getting such a low spot? Well, first of all, it is not a low spot. There are several hundred neutral minions in the game so being the 7th from the top is extremely high. Sylvanas Windrunneris a legendary minion that, despite all of its qualities, has a nieche role in a deck and that is all that she is good for. The other cards on this list, especially once we get to the last 5, are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, but number 7 is great as well :)

Number 6

Azure Drake

And here is the second and the last Hall of Fame card on this list. Azure Drakeis one of the many cards that were deemed too design restrictive to be in the standard format and was moved to the Hall of Fame. It was also my first rare card ever (and it was a golden one!!!) so it has a special place in my heart.

This dragon sees a ton of play. Let me list a several deck that run it: maly druid, token druid, ramp druid, midrange hunter, dragon paladin, midrange paladin, tempo mage, freeze mage, reno mage, miracle rogue, midrange shaman, totem shaman, tempo shaman, aggro shaman, dragon priest, reno priest, control priest and dragon warrior, just to name a few. This card is obviously one of the most played cards of all time and that is due to amazing stats, a useful tribe and two extremely good effects. Also, all none reno decks on this list run two copies of it. It provides you with additional burst or board clear power, it helps your dragon synergy and it draws you a card when you need one. Is there anything that this card doesn't do?! :O I think that number 6 is a perfect spot for this card :)

Number 5

Emperor Thaurissan

Ok, let's be honest for a second. Deciding where to place Emperor Thaurissanwas a really hard call. It was honestly either the 6th or the 5th spot but I've eventually decided to place it on the 5th spot.

Emperor Thaurissancame out in Blackrock Mountain, the second adventure, at it is the best legendary in the entire adventure. Luckily for all, it came in the very first wing so getting it was quite easy. Over the years, Emperor Thaurissanhas played a huge part in almost every combo deck out there. It made miracle rogue smoother, it had helped out freeze mage to get more burst, it even has a spot in my Maly shaman. However, the deck where this card hard reached infamy is the dreaded, the now nerfed, Patron warrior. Oh, boy, this card was a nightmare in that deck because it would reduce the cost of most damage dealing spells to 0 and allow the Grim Patronvalue train to reach full speed. The card has a very unique effect, it has great stats for the cost and, most of all, it is easily obtainable. This is why I award Emperor Thaurissanthe 5th spot on this list :)

Number 4

Piloted Shredder

Ok, now we've reach the four very best neutral minions not only in the wild format but also in the entire game. These four minions are absolutely crazy and a staple in many decks. We're carcking the top four with one of the most powerful and most played minions in the entire wild format, the dreaded Piloted Shredder. Just how good is the Piloted Shredder? Well, to put it into perspective, Piloted Shredderhas been seeing play in almost every deck in the game ever since it came out in Goblins vs Gnomes. The only reason why it is no longer seeing play in the standard format is because, well, it isn't a part of the standard format.

Ever since I saw this card I knew that it was absurd. You get two minions for the cost of one and, most important, you get a 2 cost minion out of your 4 cost minion. As we all know, or at least the majority of us, there is some balancing issue regarding the 2 cost minions which results in most of them being completely insane. You can get some really powerful minion from your Piloted Shredderbut you can also get something that will completely hinder you like Doomsayer. I think that Piloted Shredderinto Doomsayerwas even a popular meme at some point (it had to be).

In summary, Piloted Shredderis a complete beast with a stupid powerful deathrattle. It saw play ever since it was introduced, it was and still is played in almost every deck in the format, and I'm more than pretty sure that this alone makes it worthy of the 4th spot on my list :)

Number 3

Sludge Belcher

What is better than a minion that, on deathrattle, summons another minion? Well, a taunt minion that, on deathrattle, summons another taunt minion, which is why Sludge Belcheris the best non legendary neutral minion in the entire game. Just like a few other cards on this list, Sludge Belchercame out in Curse of Naxxramas adventure. It seems like, back then, the developers had a really hard time balancing the game and the result of that were some of the most powerful minions in the game. Sludge Belcher is your staple taunt minion in every wild deck. There is literally no reason as to why would you ever not run a Sludge Belcherin your deck. It is an amazing minion, really one of the best in the game if not the best neutral non legendary minion in the deck, and I can't think of a batter one for the 3rd spot :) with that out of the way, let's move into the last two minions which are also the very best minions in the game.

Number 2?

N'Zoth, the Corruptor

So, what are the two best cards in the game? Brann Bronzebeardand N'Zoth, the Corruptor. Wait, did I just reveal the number 1 spot as well? Isn't N'Zoth, the Corruptora standard card? Yes, it is, though by playability and power, it is more of a wild card. I was originally thinking on putting N'Zoth, the Corruptoron the first spot but then I've remembered that it is a standard card so now I'm winging it :P

Hm, this isn't working out...ok, let's give this a shot.


Number 2

Reno Jackson

Reno Jacksonis now a wild exclusive card so I can put it on my list. This is the real number 2 card. Why did I choose Reno Jackson?

I've chosen this card because of the way that it had impacted the deck building ever since it came out in League of ExplorersReno Jacksonwas the card that made highlander decks, now called reno decks, a possible thing in Hearthstone. As I highlander MtG player, I love that deck archetype and I was very excited to see it come to HearthstoneReno Jacksonhad proven itself to be an amazing card that spawned three well known Reno decks: Renolock, Reno mage and Reno priest. It is also the best healing card in the entire game because it can heal you back to full health. Yes, there is a drawback when it comes to this card, the fact that you need to play a no duplicate deck, and because of that the construction of a Reno deck is not the easiest task for most players. The drawback is big but the payoff is huge! A most deserved spot 2 :D

Number 1

Brann Bronzebeard

The number one spot goes to none other than Brann Bronzebeard. This is without a doubt one of the three most powerful minions in the game (next to the flaming druid guy and the kraken old god which had tried to sneak its way in). Here is the reason why:

Brann Bronzebeardis an eternal value card which means that it will always only go up in power. Think about it for a second. Brann Bronzebeardis great when combined with powerful battlecry effects. This means that whenever a new set comes out, Brann Bronzebeardhas the potential to become even more powerful. Whenever a new set comes out. This means that Brann Bronzebeardis one of those cards that will never ever go down in power. It has the potential to only go up in power and value as more and more cards are introduced to the game. This is why Brann Bronzebeardis, in my opinion, the best neutral wild exclusive card in the game :D


This is it. We've reached the end of our latest ''Top 10's'' article :) I hope that you've liked it and, by all means, let me know what are your picks for the top 10 wild neutral cards? Do you agree with this list? What cards would you put in the top 5? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to drop by next time when I'll be covering the new cards :D  As always  if you’ve liked this article do consider following me on twitter https://twitter.com/Eternal_HS. There you can ask me all sorts of Hearthstone questions (unrelated to this article) and I’ll gladly answer them as best as I can!

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