1 July 2015 - 15:18

Grinning Goat

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Welcome to the Grinning Goat!

We are two seasoned Arena vets, averaging 7.4+ wins/run live on stream from pre-draft, all classes played evenly.

We provide 100% free Arena content for the community, from live streams, to ondemand videos, audio podcasts, written articles, updated tier lists, and more!

On Hearthstone Players, we aim to keep an updated Class Tier List for each expansion.  Due to our increased workload on other Hearthstone Arena-related projects, we will not be able to keep the Arena Matchups Series up to date, and we are putting those articles on hiatus until 2017.

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ADWCTA & Merps


ADWCTA's Arena Class Tier List (LOE)

Arena Matchups: Killing Uther (TGT)

Arena Matchups: Killing Jaina (TGT)

Arena Matchups: Killing Gul'dan (TGT)

Arena Matchups: Killing Malfurion (NAX)

Arena Matchups: Killing Thrall (NAX)

Arena Matchups: Killing Anduin (NAX)

Arena Matchups: Killing Valeera (2017)

Arena Matchups: Killing Rexxar (2017)

Arena Matchups: Killing Garrosh (2017)

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