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Tempo Rogue : Legendeath

Spark revamps his Tempo Rogue into the Legendeath Rogue. Recently featured on Deck Talk, Sparks now has a detailed match up guide too!
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Hello everyone I’m Spark, Legend player from Hearthstone and today I'm back with another Mid Range Deck. After Naxxramas content was released, I decided to revisit my older Tempo Rogue by introducing some more deathrattle synergies in it.

It helped me climbing to Legend last season and I think that with the incoming Hunter nerf, the meta shift will be favorable to that deck again because of all the early tools that it has at its disposal to deal with the resurgence of other Tempo Decks.

In addition to its strengths, I think that Tempo Rogue is one of the best way to learn about the game, because it revolves so much around the basic mechanics of Hearthstone : trading minions efficiently.

Unfortunately, this version has a lot of Legendaries in it, so it's not really affordable for a new player but the good news is that those cards are also pretty useful for other decks.


A lot of decks are currently focused around early tempo by abusing the power of Undertakerand this deck actually has the ability to do the same while preventing the opponent from developping thanks to the very few but important Rogue cards that are in the deck :

Backstab, Deadly Poison, SI:7 Agent, Eviscerate and Blade Flurry.

Those cheap and efficient removals combined with the early deathrattle engine will allow you to take control of the board early to mid game and prepare for your mid to late game threats while pressuring the opponent.

The addition of Sludge Belcherand Defender of Argushaving more targets thanks to some sticky minions like Haunted Creeperand Harvest Golemalso improved the mid game consistency of the deck and its ability to prevent the aggression from Aggro Decks. Therefore, you are more likely to get safely to the late game where your win conditions will close the game.

I was invited by TheChiv to his show called Deck Talk to present the deck, I have to say that it was a lot of fun and I really think that the video is the best support for this guide. It covers the Deck breakdown, especially focused on the Legendaries uses (so you should probably watch this part to understand their utility), and shows the Deck in action where I explain the thought process behind the decisions so I hope it can help you understanding the mechanics of the deck. To view the Deck Talk, please check out the video above.

Match Ups

In this section I'll go over the most popular Match Ups, the rest of the metagame will generally be some form of Mid Rangy decks (Control Paladin, Secret Mage, Tempo Rogue or Warrior) so they are usually played the same way and you should probably be looking for the Tempo Priest, Mid Range Druid and Shaman sections for that ;)

Handlock is probably to be mentionned also but when facing Warlock you'll have to mulligan for Zoo so it's not really relevant, the match up is a bit hard because of that and because of the fact that you lacks hard removal but it's not unwinnable. If the meta happens to be filled with those, including a Big Game Hunterin the build will definitely be a consideration as The Black Knightis already doing a great job against those taunted Giants.

Miracle Rogue and Hunter are not mentionned here because we don't really know yet how those builds will evolve with the upcoming nerfs.

Tempo Priest

Key cards to keep : Deadly PoisonUndertaker, Harvest Golem

Good cards to have : Backstab, EviscerateHaunted CreeperLoot HoarderSI:7 Agent

This match up is probably one of the most common and entirely revolves around which Deck can get the tempo advantage first.

Dark Cultist
Having a strong Undertakerstart with Haunted Creeperand Harvest Golemis definitely good. Deadly Poisonis really key to prevent their early attempt at taking board advantage with Northshire ClericUndertakerand Zombie ChowBackstabcan be really helpful to find the damage needed on an early drop or combined with SI:7 Agentto split your damage as needed, Eviscerateis also great at answering Dark Cultist.

After establishing board control you should do really fine as your late game is better than their, especially since Cairne Bloodhoofand Azure Drake will give them a really hard time. Be careful about the Turn 6 Cabal Shadow Priest, try to avoid playing Harvest Golemat this stage of the game and also try to not overextend because it can give huge value to their Auchenai Soulpriestinto Circle of Healingcombo. Baiting Shadow Word: Deathbefore playing Ragnaros the Firelordis great but you can also use it as a finisher or hope for a removal on a big creature.


Key cards to keep : BackstabDeadly PoisonBlade FlurryUndertakerHaunted CreeperSI:7 Agent(only with  or Backstab)

Good cards to have : Loot HoarderBloodmage ThalnosHarvest Golem

This match up is heavily favored for the deck if you can find the start needed to fight their early attempt at rushing you.

Knife Juggler
Backstabis definitely amazing early in the game and SI:7 Agentis perfect at taking the tempo lead but you should only keep it with  or Backstabotherwise it is a little bit too slow. Those cards are perfect answers to Flame Impand Knife Juggler.

Deadly Poisonis also really good to kill their early Voidwalkerand combining it with Blade Flurrywill be key to reset their board in the mid game if you weren't able to draw into your early removals. The spellpower can also help increasing the damage of your spells to kill off more resilient minions.

After that it will be a slow death for them as your cards will begin to bring more value, especially Sludge Belcherwhich will create a huge tempo in your favor. They will generally be forced to use Doomguardto regain board control and Evisceratewill be really useful to finish them off or kill  or Dark Iron Dwarf.

Mid Range Druid

Key cards to keep : UndertakerHaunted CreeperHarvest GolemEviscerate

Good cards to have : Loot HoarderBloodmage ThalnosBackstabDeadly PoisonSI:7 Agent

This match up depends on their exact build as the Token variant is favorable to the deck while Ramp Druid is a lot harder to defeat.

Generally, they won't be too aggressive early in the game so you're looking for a strong Undertakerstart. Evisceratewill negate an Innervateplay, especially when combined with spellpower, and you'll have to play on curve to keep the tempo in your favor. SI:7 Agentwill be a good tool during the mid game to finish off big targets which traded with your minions.

Later in the game, The Black Knightwill be a really strong ally as Druid generally runs many forms of taunt. Be careful about their potential Force of Natureinto Savage Roarcombo when you are running low, Loathebwill be very useful to prevent them from pulling it off and it can also be key when you have board control to prevent any Swipeplay. Defender of Argusand Sludge Belcherare also good way to power up your board while preventing them from closing the game.

Mid Range Shaman

Key cards to keep : Deadly PoisonUndertakerHaunted CreeperHarvest Golem, Blade Flurry (only with Deadly Poison)

Good cards to have : BackstabEviscerateBloodmage ThalnosLoot HoarderSI:7 Agent

This match up is slightly favorable but generally close to a coin flip because they are running a similar playstyle.

Feral Spirit

You want to pressure them early on with Undertakerand some minor deathrattle threats so they have to use their removals or you just kill their totems turn after turn.

Deadly Poisonis really key to fight a Feral Spiritplay and Blade Flurrywill be very useful in the mid game after they filled the board. Any combination of Backstabwith spellpower or SI:7 Agentwill also be key to split the damage as you need and Evisceratewill either kill an early Unbound Elementalor Fire Elementallater on combined with spellpower or a .

Be really careful not to overextend because of Lightning Stormand try to bait their Hexout before playing your late game threats.

Control Warrior

Key cards to keep : Deadly PoisonUndertakerLoot HoarderHarvest GolemSI:7 Agent

Good cards to have : BackstabEviscerateHaunted Creeper

Last but not least, this match up is definitely the most difficult one and here is why and how to still sneak a decent winrate against them.

Death's Bite

Their early enrage engine is really painful, Acolyte of Painshould be dealt with Deadly Poisonand Armorsmithwill generally benefits them at least one time before being finished off the same way. Cruel Taskmasteris perfectly handled by Backstabor SI:7 Agent.

Undertakerstarts are still great but will generally be dealt with a Fiery War Axe. The real issue is that your deathrattles minions aren't really that sticky against Warrior because of Unstable Ghoulwhich will deal with Haunted Creepervery well and mostly Death's Bitewhich will generally kill off mid game threats while clearing up some , Loot Hoarderor .

Fortunately Sludge BelcherCairne Bloodhoofand Sylvanas Windrunnerwill be strong allies to annoy the Warrior in his attempt to board control, but he'll generally have the same tools and stall the game until he can Brawlthe whole board, heal up with Alexstraszaand play other win conditions that you can't really answer. Ragnaros the Firelordwill be key to close the game or kill his own in this match up, remember to bait out those Executebefore doing so if possible.

I highly recommand to check out the Gameplay Video above as we played a pretty standard game against Warrior Control and it will show you how to approach this match up properly, the game could have been won easily with more luck on the "Ragnaros dance" or by simply drawing a clutch Backstab or Eviscerate to finish the game before Alexstrasza came in.


I'm really happy to bring back my Tempo Rogue in the meta as I think it's really revelant right now due to most deck being focused around Tempo plays. The harder Match Ups, Control Warrior and Handlock, are still winnable and the rest of the metagame should be really favorable to the Deck after the upcoming changes, especially to climb the lower Ranks consistently where you'll face a wide diversity of Decks.

I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do and that it can help you climb to Legend. Don't hesitate to discuss about it in the comment section below, be sure to check out more of my work on Hearthpwn or here on HSP and follow me on Twitter to keep track of my updates ;)

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