1 January 2014 - 23:46

Latest Legend Deck Guides

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This is a collection of the latest Season decks that has been used to attain the Legend Rank. It features deck guides on Hearthstone Players, as well as other sources (which will be linked and credited accordingly). Enjoy!

May 2015 Season

Decks are ordered from latest at the top.

Previous Seasons

This is where the previous seasons guides will go!


Some deck guides on Hearthstone Players are released free, while some are Premium. (Premium guides do become available to everyone after around 2 weeks.) If you are not a member, consider signing up! Not only will you have access to our Premium section, but you will also be supporting the site and all its contributors - Hearthstone Players proudly pay all its writers for their effort and content. Support the community!

For more information about writing on Hearthstone Players or having your content on our site, visit this page for more information.

Hit Legend? Want to have your guide listed here (whether you wrote in on Reddit, Hearthpwn or LiquidHearth, it's all welcome!). Just let us know the link via the contact form here.

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