14 September 2017 - 16:58

Naga Sea Witch Handlock Guide

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Naga Sea Witch decks have been flooding Wild a lot recently because of recent changes to how the interactions between Giants and Naga Sea Witch works. Handlock traditionally relies on drawing cards through Life Tap and have enough cards in hand to play cheap Mountain Giants or high value Twilight Drakes. Molten Giant also used to be an auto-include card in the deck but with the nerf to the card, the inclusion fell out of favor. However, the recent buff to Naga Sea Witch makes the deck’s ability to play giants a whole lot easier. You only need 5 cards in hand to play Mountain Giant or just 5 damage taken to play Molten Giant. Sea Giant also gets thrown into the mix to punish decks that try to flood the board.

Unlike other Naga Sea Witch decks that try to go all-in on the giants, you have a lot of removals and Taunt setups in the deck to make it much more defensive while also packing enough punch with big threats.

Card Choices

Darkbomb: Darkbomb is a powerful early game removal that is very efficient at dealing with any low cost drops your opponent might play. It can also be chained with AoE spells to take out big minions that survive your board clears.

Defile: Defile is a powerful board control tool that is very effective against token heavy decks and can sometimes clear out heavily flooded boards due to its recurring effect.

Doomsayer: Doomsayer is a great early game minion that can be used to take away your opponent’s tempo and even if your opponent is able to clear out the minion you get to stop at least 7 damage incoming to your face. You should not be greedy with the card and play it as soon as possible to get the most out of it, or you can save play it after clearing your opponent’s board with AOE spells to prevent your opponent from developing any board presence.

Imp Gang Boss: Imp Gang Boss is a very resilient minion and is very effective against decks that run a lot of early game minions, you can get a decent amount of stats out of the minion through trades very often.

Faceless Shambler: Faceless Shambler has plenty of high value targets in the deck to create huge taunts. It can be dropped quite early and can shut down aggressive decks very well.

Hellfire: Hellfire is a very efficient board clear against aggro decks and can help you shut down decks like Aggro Druid and Token Shaman very effectively.

Shadowflame: With plenty of high attack minions in the deck, you can clear out most enemy board states with the card very effectively.

Twilight Drake: With your hero power synergizing with Twilight Drake’s battlecry, you can push out big Drakes with high health pools quite easily early in the game.

Voidcaller: Voidcaller allows you to summon high value Demons right from your hand through its deathrattle. Getting Mal’ganis off on Turn 4 or 5 is one of the strongest swing turns possible in the game as it is very hard to deal with for most classes.

Antique Healbot: A solid healing minion that doesn’t offer much when it comes to tempo on board but offers a decent amount of healing to suit your playstyle of aggressively tapping.

Despicable Dreadlord: A powerful mid-range tool to deal with decks that run a lot of 1 HP minions and it is extremely effective against aggressive decks.

Loatheb: Loatheb is a great legendary to shut down your opponent completely for a turn and it is best used on turns where you drop down your big giants as Loatheb shuts down spells that may be able to deal with your board. A turn 10 combo with Naga Sea With + Giants + Loatheb can setup 2 turn lethals quite handily.

Naga Sea Witch

Naga Sea Witch: A core enabler for your giants but the deck archetype is not extremely reliant on the card which makes this deck all the more consistent versus other decks that want to pull combos off with Naga Sea Witch.

Abyssal Enforcer: Abyssal Enforcer is a solid Demon that packs a powerful AOE which can be devastating against decks like Aggro Druid, Token Shaman and Pirate Warrior.

Mal'Ganis: Malganis allows you to be immune for a turn and with Silence effects not being too common in the current meta, you can stall out a turn quite often at the very least and if your opponent is unable to deal with the minion, you are most likely going to win if you manage to hide Mal’ganis behind a wall of taunts.

Bloodreaver Gul'dan: The deck has limited but extremely powerful demons in the deck and being able to re-summon them while changing your hero power that heals you up and removes threats/applies pressure is extremely valuable.

Sea Giant: What’s good about Sea Giant in this deck is that you can play it for quite cheap against aggressive decks very handily early on.

Mountain Giant: Mountain Giant can be dropped as early as Turn 4 if you just tap in your initial turns and with Naga Sea Witch and 5 cards in hand you can drop them for free!

Molten Giant: While Molten Giant on its own might not be as strong like it used to be, with Naga Sea Witch in the deck the card costs 0 with only 5 damage taken. Unlike Sea Giant and Mountain Giant, it is more difficult to play the card without Naga Sea Witch using its own effect.


Against Aggro

  • Defile
  • Darkbomb
  • Hellfire
  • Twilight Drake
  • Naga Sea Witch Combos
  • Faceless Shambler (with Twilight Drake in hand)
  • Voidcaller + Mal’ganis / Despicable Dreadlord / 2nd Voidcaller

Against Control

  • Twilight Drake
  • Mountain Giant
  • Faceless Shambler
  • Naga Sea Witch Combos
  • Voidcaller + Mal’ganis


The deck is extremely viable in Wild and it punishes decks like Jade Druid and Highlander Priest heavily and is also decent at combating popular aggro decks like Token Druid and Token Shaman. Hope you guys have fun with the deck and let us know how the deck works out for you in the comments below!

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