4 November 2017 - 16:58

Here are all the cards in Marin the Fox's treasure

These cards will show up in your games on Monday.
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Hearthstone's next expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs, arrives in game sometime in December.

But before that arrives, every player is getting a new card on Monday—Marin the Fox. BlizzCon attendees or virtual ticket viewers will get a golden copy, too.

Marin is an eight mana 6/6 that summon a 0/8 Master Chest for your opponent. Once that Chest is busted open, you'll get one of four super cool treasures.

Those four treasures are Tolin's Goblet, Zarog's Crown, Wondrous Wand, and the Golden Kobold. And they're all pretty damn powerful.

Golden Kobold will be familiar to anyone who played League of Explorers. It's basically the Golden Monkey, but it only affects your hand. It's also a super cheap three mana 6/6 Taunt, one of the best value minions we've ever seen in the game.

But actually, Kobold is probably the weakest of the three. Wondrous Wand is a lot like the card Lunar Visions, but on steroids. Instead of drawing two cards with a possible small discount for five mana, Wondrous Wand draws three cards for three mana—and they're all set to cost zero mana. That's an insane amount of value for three mana. Unless you draw three cards that cost one mana or less, you're making up value on that deal.

Tolin's Goblet is also a card draw engine, but this one is more like Thistle Tea. You draw one card, and then fill your hand with copies of that card. This one is less guaranteed value, because you could end up drawing 10 copies of a card that you can't really use that many of. It could be really expensive, or it could be something that has a very specific job. Imagine drawing 10 Doomsayers—no one needs that many Doomsayers.

Finally, there's Zarog's Crown. Discover a Legendary minion, and summon two copies of it? Sign me up. The addition of Discover makes this super powerful, as it gives you a much better chance to hit something good and useful.

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