21 July 2017 - 14:57

Legend Mid Range Hunter Guide (Wild)

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Today we will take a look at a deck that a player from the Hearthstone community, Newgen, came up with. It is a very efficient Mid-Range Hunter list for the Wild format and it has been doing exceptionally well on ladder for me this season. We have some of our old favorites from old expansions and adventures as well as some new additions from Un’goro. Let’s check the deck out!

Card Choices

Jeweled Macaw: Jeweled Macaw is a great card that allows you to draw beasts outside your deck while also developing a 1 mana 1/1. Since it is a battlecry effect unlike Webspinner, which was a Deathrattle and also a popular pick for the 1 drop slot in the past – you get the draw instantly.

Bear Trap: Bear Trap is a solid anti-aggro secret that also gives you a steady amount of board presence. You ideally want to pull the secret out of Mad Scientist, which allows you to develop a total of 5/5 of stats for just 2 mana while also thinning your deck by one card.

Crackling Razormaw: Crackling Razormaw is a very good beast synergy card that allows you to adapt a friendly beast and it can help you make efficient trades with your existing board or add situational value based on what adapt effects you need out of the card.

Freezing Trap: Freezing Trap is a tool to slow down your opponents and halt their tempo plays. Even if you do not land the trap on high value minions and your opponent plays around it, you opponent will still need to repay the cost of the minion and 2 extra mana while also being unable to attack with the minion when he wants to.

Golakka Crawler:  A tech card to counter Pirate decks. With a lot of decks running pirates in the current meta, Golakka Crawler has a lot of value and can help you control the early game very aggressively against such decks.

Haunted Creeper: A very sticky minion that offers a lot of value on board by generating tokens. The card has a lot of synergy with things like Houndmaster and Knife Juggler.

Knife Juggler: With a bunch of cheap minions in the deck and also other cards that generate tokens like Snake Trap, Haunted Creeper and Unleash the Hounds, Knife Juggler is a very high value card in the deck. While on its own the stats aren’t too great but when used in conjunction with other token generating cards you can get a lot of value out of it.

Mad Scientist: Mad Scientist allows you to play 4 mana worth of cards while also thinning your deck by 1 each time you play a copy of the card. The card is very powerful and allows you to get a lot of value out very early in the game.

Quick Shot: Quick Shot is a solid removal tool that can also help you draw a card if you empty your hand. Since Hunter does not have access to any form of viable card draw options, Quick Shot is a good card to have when you are running out of cards in hand late in the game.

Snake Trap: Snake Trap is a decent secret that works well with things like Knife Juggler and Houndmaster. Since the card is rarely used, it gets a lot of value in the deck as opponents will be less likely to play around it.

Animal Companion: The card that is known to induce a lot of rage when it ‘always’ pulls Huffer on Turn 3. Animal Companion is one of the strongest Hunter class cards that helps you establish a solid board presence and it happens to be your strongest turn 3 play in the deck.

Eaglehorn Bow: Eaglehorn Bow is a solid weapon and the added secret synergy makes it so that you are likely to get additional weapon charges off with your secrets up in the early game. Since Hunter does not have access to too many reliable forms of removal, Eaglehorn Bow is a great pick in the deck. It can also be used as an aggressive tool to push for lethal.

Kill Command: A very strong beast synergy spell that allows you to take out big minions or push out some burst damage for lethal in the mid game. Despite the deck given a ‘mid range’ tag, getting a solid early game curve can help you close out the games sometimes as early as turn 6 or 7.

Unleash the Hounds: A great card to control the board or simply push for a lot of damage. Knife Juggler synergizes with this card quite well as you get additional pings for each hound.

Houndmaster: A solid 4 drop that works with any beast you have in the deck and it offers a total of 6/5 in stats for 4 mana if you get its effect off, which is quite good!

Piloted Shredder: One of the most popular 4 drops to be ever introduced in the game, it is a very resilient minion and offers a ton of value on an average. While the card can drop some bad 2 drops that hurt you once in a while, on an average it is a great card and offers more than 6/5 worth of stats on an average for 4 mana. 


Loatheb: One of the best 5 drops in the entire game and one of the best designed legendaries overall because of its unique and powerful effect. It can help you preserve your board and avoid AoEs or simply prevent your opponent from finishing you off with spells. Being able to shut down plays is what the card does best and it is definitely a must have card if you plan on playing Wild long term.

Sludge Belcher: A solid taunt minion that is very hard to get past through trading and if you opponent does not have a hard answer to the card. Hunter does not have access to many good Turn 5 plays in the class set and Sludge Belcher happens to be a great neutral option in Wild.

Savannah Highmane: Savannah Highamane is the strongest minion Hunter has across any set and the amount of value the card provides is just insane. Even when compared to a card like Cairne Bloodhoof, you get more value out of Highmane while also getting beast synergy out of the card – which is insane for a Rare! 

Dr. Boom

Dr. Boom: Dr. Boom or Dr. 7, is one of the strongest legendaries ever printed and was an auto include before the Standard and Wild division was created. He can swing board states around on his own and offers tremendous value in the lategame.

Call of the Wild: Call of the Wild is a great endgame finisher and the more minions you have the stronger value you have on the board through Leokk buffing their attack. It is a great finisher and a solid lategame play.


  • Jeweled Macaw
  • Crackling Razormaw
  • Haunted Creeper
  • Mad Scientist
  • Animal Companion (with turn 2 play in hand)
  • Eaglehorn Bow (preferably with Mad Scientist in hand)


The deck is really solid and has a high amount of early game to make sure you are constantly contesting the board and easing into your midgame. Dr. Boom and Call of the Wild are exceptional at closing out the game if your Turn 5 and 6 plays are unable to and it is a deck that has been working quite well despite Hunter being known to as a bad class against aggro decks. Hope you guys enjoy the deck and we hope to see you soon with card releases for Knights of the Frozen Throne just around the corner.

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