2 December 2017 - 03:43

Kobolds and Catacombs Week 3 Reveals Roundup

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Welcome back to another roundup of all cards revealed this week from Kobolds and Catacombs. We got to see some of the better cards from the expansion. With only days left to see the last few cards from the set, the expansion reveal has been quite interesting and we are yet to see many high rarity cards from the set. Today we will cover Paladin, Mage, Hunter, Druid and the Neutrals revealed

Class Cards


Grizzled Guardian: Grizzled Guardian is a minion that can fetch a decent amount of value if it does not get silenced. With 4 mana worth of stats by itself, even if it pulls out just one other 4 mana minion it will break-even the value. You can consider running the card in some form of mid-range or beast Druid. Wild definitely has some worthwhile inclusions as well to make use of the card.

Twig of the World Tree: Twig of the World Tree is a legendary weapon that can ramp your deck heavily but with no means of breaking your own weapon yet revealed, it might not be too viable. However, if the set does have some form of self-weapon removal, this card just might be a good fit in Ramp Druid.

Ixlid, Fungal Lord

Ixlid, Fungal Lord: A card that is definitely going to see some play in Aviana-Kun combo decks in Wild. In Standard, you have to hope for the minion to stick around a turn at the very least to be able to get decent value out of it.


Lesser Emerald Spellstone: A decent Secret Hunter card that can add some tempo to the deck. With Cloaked Huntress being able to spam some secrets for free, you can upgrade the spell quite easily. It should definitely be a card to watch out for in Secret Hunter decks. You can upgrade it to receive up to 3 3/3 wolves for 5 mana which is quite great!


Raven Familiar: A card that can work great versus decks that run very limited or cheap spells as well as in decks that run a lot of high cost AOE or other spells.

Arcane Artificer: A low cost defensive elemental that may see play due to its life gain effect along with its ability to trigger elemental effects. However, it is unlikely it will take away the slot of Fire Fly, which is a much better 1 drop to run in an elemental deck.

Lesser Ruby Spellstone: A seemingly powerful card that you can fit into your elemental decks to generate spells. For two mana you can draw up to 3 mage spells which is on par with Cabalist’s Tome for 3 mana less!

Leyline Manipulator: A powerful card that can reduce the cost of spells you draw outside your deck by 2 and it also has some elemental synergy thrown in.

Deck of Wonders: A completely random card that allows you to cast 5 spells with no control over them. If you draw any of these shuffled spells, they will get played and you will draw a card until you get a non-scroll card.

Dragoncaller Alanna: Dragoncaller Alanna can be a good win condition card in slower mage decks and can flood the board with 5/5 Dragons quite easily. The 5/5s being Dragons also eliminates the possibility of Dragonfire Potion doing anything to them and with Priest being a popular class, it just might be a good card to tech against them.


Benevolent Djinn: A very powerful anti-aggro tool that can demand to be answered against aggressive decks and it offers you at least 3 HP of healing which can repeat itself each turn.

Unidentified Maul: Just like the other unidentified cards, you gain one of four bonus effects from the card and you see what you get only when you draw a copy of the unidentified card. Other Taunt effect, the other 3 effects are unconditionally good.

Call to Arms: A decent pick for aggressive and mid-range decks. It essentially packs in card draw and play effects into one and if you run an aggressive Paladin deck, you can focus on including 2 drops and get 6 mana worth of value each time you play the card.

Lynessa Sunsorrow

Val'anyr: An infinite value weapon once you play it and keep using it to generate value on your minions in hand. While it is a slow card, it can provide some great value in slow and grindy games.

Lynessa SunsorrowA legendary that is heavily susceptible to Silence but if if there's no answer in your opponent has no answers, you can get some amazing results out of the card. One thing you can keep in mind is that there's a limit to the number of silences your opponent can have and with cards like Blessing of Kings, Tirion and Spikeridged Steed demanding silencing, it is likely you can pull off value out of the card in the lategame.

Neutral Cards


Guild Recruiter: Guild Recruiter can be a very viable Arena pick if you have sufficient 4 drops in your deck. It offers almost 3 mana worth of vanilla stats and pulls a 4 drop, making it worth more than 6 mana worth of stats overall.

Silver Vanguard: A very low tempo minion that requires you to not draw your lategame 8 drops to get value.

Hoarding Dragon: While the card gives you a lot of stats on board, giving your opponent 2 coins and allowing them to ramp up one turn isn’t going to go well against you in most cases.

Lone Champion: A card that has potential to be very good against aggro and can be very difficult to deal with if you pull off its effect.

Hungry Ettin: The card on paper is quite good but it can backfire depending on what 2 drop you pull. You can pull out things like Doomsayer and Stubborn Gastropod which can ruin your day. But it shouldn’t be too bad on an average as long as you have resources to deal with what comes out.

Furbolg Mossbinder: The card allows you to buff your weak or damaged minions into a 6/6 elemental. The advantage of this card over a buff card is that it’s a transformation effect and cannot be silenced. It also serves as an indirect nerf to Evolve effects as with this card released, all mana slots have extremely bad outcomes for the effect to hit.

Arcane Tyrant: A card that can be a decent tempo play in any deck that runs high cost spells and also wants to make use of Elemental synergy.

Grand Archivist: One of the most interesting epics from the set that can be extremely powerful if you have only mid to high cost minions. One of the interesting things to note here is that the minion evades both Shadow Word Pain and Shadow Word Death and might make a decent cut in a Priest deck.

King Togwaggle: King Togwaggle is a fun legendary that swaps decks with your opponent and hands a ransom card to undo the effect. It takes away 5 mana from your opponent’s turn at best and the stats on the minion aren’t too great either. But it does have potential for fun games in friendly matchups or casual games.

We will be back with the rest of the reveals next week to round up all of the cards that are left. With less than a week to go for the expansion, there’s a lot to look forward to!


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