23 November 2017 - 02:54

Kobolds and Catacombs Card Reveals – Week 2

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Welcome back to our reveal roundup for Week 2 of reveals of Kobolds and Catacombs cards. With a handful of cards revealed on the 20th and 21st, we got to see some cool legendaries and Secrets for the first time for Rogue. Rogue in my opinion is definitely a class that deserved Secret cards more than Paladin, but the class never received any. It is good to see the class get cool new Secrets and there’s a lot to look forward to from this expansion.


Branching Paths: Branching Paths is a nice mix between Savage Roar, card draw and Feral Rage and it is the first Choose Twice card for Druid and also throws in card draw. With token decks not including card draw for the most part, it can help players draw cards and buff their boards at a decent mana cost.

Twig of the World Tree: A card designed for ramp decks but there are no real means of destroying your own weapon in Standard as of now, but the new set might have something so we need to keep an eye out for that!


Kathrena Winterwisp: Kathrena may finally bring forth a decent 8 drop for Hunter to play. Call of the Wild was a solid pick for decks as a finisher and was eventually replaced by Ragnaros The Firelord once Call was nerfed in Secret Hunter decks. Eventually Ragnaros the Firelord was also moved and right now the deck usually caps out at 6 mana cards. The card in a vacuum is quite powerful and if you run a select amount of beasts, you can get quite a bit of value out of the card.

Seeping Oozeling: The card seems to be really powerful as Hunter has some of the best Deathrattle minions in the game. What’s unfortunate is that it is contesting the slot for Savannah Highmane, which is one of the strongest cards in Hunter and deckbuilding with more than 2 6-drops may not be viable with Deathstalker Rexxar also creeping into Hunter lists for the 6 mana slot.


The Runespear: The weapon for Shaman feels quite slow and you can get good value out of the card only if you manage to discover things like AOE spells or hard removal with minimal RNG involved. From initial observation the card seems to be really slow and we’ll need to wait and see if it is actually viable.


Duskbreaker: Duskbreaker is one of the strongest Dragon Priest cards ever printed and there is no question about that. If you include the card in Wild with all of the great Blackrock Mountain cards and Twilight Guardian from TGT available, this card can be absolute nuts in terms of value. In Standard, the card may not see as much play with limited Dragons available compared to Wild. But, there are a lot of cards left to see this expansion and there just might be enough to push Dragon Priest into viability in Standard.


Cheat Death: Cheat Death is essentially a Shadowstep but your opponent controls what you get back and it can be better than a Shadowstep in a variety of situations. If there are cards that specifically draw Secrets or let you play Secrets for cheap, Secrets in Rogue just might be good enough. In Wild we of course have Mad Scientist, which is a very powerful tempo tool and can fit into Rogue decks quite well.

Level Up!

Sudden Betrayal: Sudden Betrayal allows you to mitigate incoming face damage and forces your opponent’s minions to trade among themselves. Positioning is something you have to be careful about if you are playing against Rogues running this card so you try to minimize the value they get out of the card.


Lesser Mithril Spellstone: Weapon heavy decks can get good value out of the card and it can be included in tempo style Warrior decks. Upgrading the spell allows you to get up to 3 5/5 Golems. Even if you upgrade the card once it spawns 2 5/5 minions for 7 mana which is decent but if you manage to get full value out of the spell being able to spawn 15/15 worth of stats is really good.


Level Up!: The card is on part with Quartermaster but it loses the 2/5 body and throws in Taunt on your Silver Hand Recruits instead. The card might be an okay fit in Recruit Paladin decks and with plenty of cards that generate Silver Hand Recruits available, getting value out of the card should not be too hard.


Feral Gibberer: A 1 mana 1/1 that makes copies of it in your hand each time you go face with it definitely sounds interesting and it might make it into Token decks.

Spiteful Summoner: This can be a high tempo minion if you have only limited but high cost minions in your deck. It is a very unique card that gives you tempo if you build your deck around it with the minor downside of revealing a spell from your deck to your opponent.

Rummaging Kobold: Weapon removal is going to be quite popular if some of the class weapons see rampant play and Rummaging Kobold allows players to get their legendary weapons back once destroyed to get more value out of their weapons.

Zola the Gorgon: Zola The Gorgon allows you to copy minions from your board and add them to your hand with the quirk of being able to get golden copies of the targeted minions. It is essentially better than Manic Soulcaster but with a weaker stat line.

We will be back with more reveals soon, so stay tuned to get updated with all of the latest card reveals from Kobolds and Catacombs!


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