6 October 2017 - 02:57

Frozen Throne Aggro Druid Guide

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Despite the recent changes to Druid, the class has been performing quite decently and all of the popular archetypes have continued to be effective on ladder. Aggro Druid is the archetype that was affected the least by the nerfs to the class in the last patch. This variant of the deck has been working quite well on ladder this season for me and I’d like to showcase it. The list is by Icer and he maintained top 50 Legend around the end of the season with the deck. It has some unique additions from the usual lists we are accustomed to. So, let’s get started and check out the card choices.

Card Choices

Pirates: Bloodsail Corsair works as an anti-weapon card and also pulling out Patches the Pirate helps you add board presence for cheap board buffs. Unlike most other lists, we also have access to Southsea Captainin this deck to buff your Pirates on board.

Buffs: Power of the Wild and Mark of the Lotus are our buff cards and Savage Roaris a one turn attack buff which serves as your most potent win condition as well. Power of the Wild when generating a 3/2 minion also can activate your beast synergies with Mark of Y'Shaarjas well so the card fits into both the beast and buff categories.

Beasts: Enchanted Raven, Druid of the Swarm, Dire Wolf Alphaand Golakka Crawlermake up for the beast package in the deck. Golakka Crawler is a tech card in the deck to combat popular Pirates that are run in a variety of decks these days. You also have your own Pirates to destroy to buff up your Golakka Crawler as well. Druid of the Swarm can serve both as a lethal threat that can take out big minions and also perform the role of protecting your board in its 1/5 Taunt form. Dire Wolf Alpha works particularly well with all of the tokens in the deck as you can get some great trades off with the help of the card.

Removals: As removals we have access to only Swipewhich works both as a spot removal against mid-range minions and area-of-effect removal spell against aggressive decks.

Other Cards: Living Manais one of the most powerful cards Aggro Druid has in its arsenal as it allows you to refill your board very efficiently with one card and the card also allows you to get better value out of your mass board buffs and also Savage Roar, which is your win condition.

Tokens: You have access to Fire Flyand Snowflipper Penguinas token value alone. Unlike your other cheap drops that have synergies, you do not have any Murloc or Elemental synergies and these minions are in your deck are simply to create board presence for cheap. Snowflipper Penguin allows you to empty your hand faster to get value out of Genzo the Shark and Fire Fly gives you an additional 1/2 to play on the board.

Genzo, the Shark: Genzo, The Shark works like Jeeves but has different conditions to enable its effect and has better stats. With many cheap cards in your hand you can easily empty your hand to get value out of Genzo. Before the recent expansion, Druid did not run any taunts making cards like Genzo vulnerable to tradeoffs very easily. With Druid of the Swarm being a very solid card in your deck you are more likely to get value out of Genzo in the deck and while the card is hit-or-miss a lot of the time, the stats are decent and we have room to run the card for its stats alone since we already have enough cheap drops and board buffs to make room for a 4 drop in a token deck.

Deck Code



  • Fire Fly
    Genzo, the Shark
  • Enchanted Raven
  • Druid of the Swarm
  • Golakka Crawler (against Pirate decks)
  • Bloodsail Corsair (against weapon heavy decks)
  • Snowflipper Penguin (with board buffs)
  • Mark of the Lotus (with at least 2-3 1 drops in hand)


If you love playing aggressive decks then this is the go-to deck for climbing in the current meta. It is fast enough to beat Highlander Priest, Quest Mage and Jade Druid before they get to their core removals and spells very consistently.

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