26 January 2014 - 16:40

Fastest Hunter Aggro (Revisited)

Dot Esports

Update 3: A few more tweaks and optimized verison - view the latest decklist here. Enjoy and good luck!

Update 2: We decided to revisit the Hunter Aggro to see if the deck is a fluke. Check out our 5 recorded games below and decide for yourself!

We made a small change to the decklist - swapping out a Leper Gnomefor , mainly to bypass big taunters. Also addition of Starving Buzzardand Animal Companions. View the full updated list here!

Update 1: There are a lot of questions of how this deck is played so we made 3 videos to showcase this! Part 1: VS Mage, Part 2: VS Paladin, Part 3: VS Paladin

We had Wurlocks in Test Season 1. For Test Season 2, it's the Hunter's time to shine!


2 Arcane Shot

2 Tracking

2 Explosive Trap

2 Misdirection

2 Unleash the Hounds

2 Eaglehorn Bow

2 Kill Command


2 Abusive Sergeant

2 Leper Gnome

2 Timber Wolf

2 Worgen Infiltrator

1 Bloodmage Thalnos

2 Bluegill Warrior

2 Arcane Golem

2 Wolfrider

1 Leeroy Jenkins



Go for the face. Really.

If you find yourself in a sea of other Hunters, swap out Bloodmage and Wolfrider for 2 Flare.


Part 1: VS Mage


Part 2: VS Paladin


Part 3: VS Paladin


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