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Extensive Legend Control Warrior Guide

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Hello! This is going to be my first Hearthstone video series and I had quite a bit of fun putting this all together. This particular video series is going to highlight the Warrior Control deck. I will be providing video footage of the most popular matchups in the current metagame. Also, I am aware that some of the video quality/audio is slightly off in a few of these videos so I will do my best to work on that. Please feel free to leave any constructed criticism but be gentle as this is my first time doing this :)

(These videos were recorded only a couple days after the ranked ladder reset)

Deck Intro

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Vs Warrior Control Guidelines

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• Mulligan for early game creatures and Fiery War Axe

• Try to save your Shield Slamand Executefor cards that are actually threatening.

• tack up as much armor as possible while considering how much armor they can potentially gain for their Shield Slams.

• You may want to bait out some of their premier removal by playing your weaker creatures first if the pace of the game allows for that.

• Do not be afraid to occasionally shred your opponent's armor with something like a weapon hit if this would clear the way for a creature to not be affected by Shield Slam.

• If you play Harrison Jonessave it for the Gorehowlunless you get to hit a 2 charge Fiery war Axe on curve.

• Be careful when playing cards like Ragnaros the Firelordand Cairne Bloodhoofbecause they often get copied by opposing Faceless Manipulator.

• It is ok to bring your life total low to around 15 as long as you can continue to stack up armor. Eventually they will play Alexstraszaon you bringing you to 15 either way.

(Warrior vs Warrior Control Video)

Vs Midrange Hunter Guidelines

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• Keep the board clear of all beasts if possible. Even if it is something like a River Crocolisk, you do not want to give them a good Houndmasterplay.

• Try and plan ahead of time for a reasonable way to deal with a Savannah Highmanebecause the matchup will most likely come down to how well you can deal with those.

• As in all Hunter matchups, be mindful of Unleash the Houndswhen putting out more creatures.

• In the beginning of the game you want to armor up on turn 2 so that you can armor up again plus Shield Slam their Animal Companion.

• You will most likely be playing defenseivly until you draw Alexstrasza and then you can try and set up a 2 turn kill along with Gorehowl or Grommash Hellscream.

Vs Miracle Rogue Guidelines

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• I find that the main way to beat Miracle Rogue as a Warrior is just to be as aggressive as possible.

• Mulligan for early creatures to start harassing the Rogue.

• If you fail to get a good early aggressive hand then you should focus on stacking as much armor as possible.

• It is possible to outlast all of the Rogue's damage depending on how many Cold Bloodthey play or if they run Assassin's Blade. Just be careful how you sequence your removal and how much damage you take by using your weapons.

• One of the major ways you can outlast a Rogue is by saving double Armorsmithand comboing them with a Whirlwind.

• Sometimes you may need to rely on a lucky Brawlin order to defeat a Concealed Auctioneer.

• Most importantly, always keep track of how many cards the Rogue as used so you can calculate their potential damage later on in the game.

Vs Murloc Warlock Guidelines

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• Always clear the board of all murlocs even if it seems like bad value. Murlocs rely on having a strong board prescence and working off eachother so do your best not to let

that happen.

• Play defensively for most of the game until they eventually use life tap to bring themselves into range of a Grommash Hellscream kill or maybe even a Gorehowl.

• Most murlocs these days also run Power Overwhelmingcombos so be careful when deciding how far you can take your life total down.

• Mulligan for Cruel Taskmaster, Whirlwind, and Fiery War Axe.

Vs Handlock Guidelines

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• Execute and Shield Slam are the keys to victory here. Try to stack up as much armor as you can early on in order to kill a Twilight Drakeor a giant with Shield slam.

• Do not bring the Warlock into cheap Molten Giantrange unless you are baiting them with a Brawl or you have sufficient answers already.

• You will most likely need to set up a burst damage kill with Grommash Hellscream to finish them off because of all their taunts/life gain later on in the game.

• Keep your life total in check because most Warlocks run the Leeroy Jenkins+ Faceless Manipulator+ Power Overwhelming combo which deals 20 burst damage.

• Overall, Just be sure to save your removal for giants and drakes then finish them off with a Grommash Hellscream kill.

Vs Shaman Guidelines

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• Baron Geddonand Brawl are you best cards in this matchup. However, I would probably mulligan them away at the start because you will not need them until later.

• Do your best to keep the board clear of threats that actually matter and then try to set up a good Alexstrasza play on them.

• If the pace of the game allows for it, try to bait out their Hexon weaker threats in order to make way for larger ones late game.

• Just keep in mind the possibility of Earth Shockand Hex when playing creatures, keep the board as clear as possible, and then finish them off with legendaries.

Vs Druid Guidelines

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• Look for an Execute in your opener hand in order to have some insurance against nasty Innervateplays early on.

• Try to deal with their threats until you get to around turn 6 or 7 and then switch to a more aggressive role and chain into huge legendary creatures.

• Always keep in mind Force of Natureand Savage Roarcombo when manipulating your life total with weapon damage and armor.


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